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  1. If you can't get fun on what you are doing, you are doing the wrong thing.

    Digital marketing is my Passion.

  2. Out of the office would be the best option.
  3. Properly optimize your gig. (with keyword placement, image and package). Sent at least 5-7 buyer request daily.
  4. Simple, Short, To the point. Ignore irrelevant topics. Answer if buyer ask for something. Show why your the right person to do the work.
  5. Gig optimization can help to find more impression and click.
  6. Sharing on social media is not enough, sometimes it gives noting. Better you should research more. You can find some quality article about gig promotion in forum and also in fiverr blog.
  7. So, at last, hard works start paying. I got my 2nd order on Fiverr, and another long-term order will place soon. It was not an easy journey on Fiverr. Now hoping I can go for a long run with this unique platform.
  8. "upgrades" this is the key factors to become successful. I'm a new seller complete one order in a month. And suddenly there was nothing for me, every day I sent 5-7 buyer requests nothing comes. Two months passed away. Yesterday I got two orders and my first buyer offering me a permanent job. So, I start believing - Opportunities will come if I can upgrade I will able to grab the opportunities.
  9. I think you nailed it pretty well. Fiverr want new buyer this is why they reduce impression.
  10. Showing same buyer request for more 3 hours. Is there anything wrong with buyer request system? Totally confused!
  11. Interesting!!! 😖 Here is some changes make me confused, but hope I'll adjust soon.
  12. Wow, That’s great news. Awesome. 🙂
  13. @chester48 hmmm… That’s a good point. I will apply this in a future chat. Thanks
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