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  1. Hello so i have 1 customer who is keeps making new fiverr account and spamming me messages that he reported me anyone know what should i do?
  2. Had the same problem i cancel like 4 orders and my order completion drops under 90% i had to wait 4 months to get my orde completion to 100% and i get back into search results
  3. create new one with 0 reviews when i have around 200 on this one? no reason
  4. Yea my bad i should just increase price so noone would really buy it i hope that i will ust come back into search really fast had to use around 3-5k impresseions and around 100 clicks
  5. jesus man please dont do it im on fiver longer than you dont spread these useless info thank you
  6. do u know how much time it usually take to come back?
  7. Hello so i had to pause my gig becasue i went into other city for like 2 days. After i came back i unpause my gig but my clicks and impressions going down everysingle day is that becasue my gig lost his rank?
  8. same problem here dont know how to reapir it
  9. Im out of search for my main tag for almost a 2 months right now but i can find myself in local and online sellers hope i will get back becasue did around 90 orders in these 2 months
  10. This is not working like its should 🙂 i have everystat around 98-100% did around 100 gigs with 5 star positive rating and still cant find my giga anymore
  11. not really im here waiting 2 months nothign is happening
  12. yea same what are your stats like response rate/order completion etc
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