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  1. I am french shark. A logo and Business card Designer in fiverr. If I couldn’t complete 50 orders within 2 months, can’t I ever be a Second Level Seller?
  2. Hi Everybody, I am FrenchShark, a new Logo Designer in Fiverr. Since I joined fiver, I understood the communication is a very important part for our business. We can start from our gig Description. Buyers understand our qualities with it. How to start orders? Do you send some words to buyers when you get the order? As I think it is a better point to access buyers mind. If they didn’t receive any thing, they just feel empty. If you tell something to them they will feel something better for you. Can we satisfy when we deliver the order? We need ratings and reviews. As I think it is a big problem in this forum. I have the same problem. It is not easy take a review for a Logo Designer. Some gigs can have a lot of reviews easily. Never beg for a review. Just do your works professionally. Then congratulate him. As I think this, you have a lot of suggestion. Otherwise you may need to blame me. It’s OK. Please comment your ideas and then we can generate better psychology Ideas together.
  3. Hi, I am FrenchShark, I am new to fiverr and I need to know how much time does it takes to transfer Fiverr earned money to Paypal. Thank you.
  4. 🙂 Hi, I am French Shark, New Logo Designer in Fiverr. I will tell you few little tricks to get promoted. Don’t make a lot of gigs. Just make 1 or 2 gigs. Never use silly samples for them. Just use attractive samples. Make a attractive description which is better than Top Raters Descriptions. Don’t add any high quality or high performance gig extras. Find few popular gigs which match to your gig. Check gigs tags and use better tags for yours. 😉 Don’t send messages for ‘‘Buyers Requests’’ tab, It is just wasting time. They won’t give you any job easily. Give them Bonus with the delivery (according to your industry) If someone ask you a custom offer, don’t do it for 5$. Give a bigger value than 5$. If someone ask you to do a difficult thing and If you can’t do it, don’t cancel it quickly. Chat with the buyer try to understand the situation. Then make the decision together. :"> When you deliver your order, Ask about his activities and future plans. 😉 **** If you have more ideas, please comment. If you think somethings are not possible tell us. If you got something from this say something. If you hate or don’t like it, tell me why?
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