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  1. Thank you for you support. I do have made a support request but still waiting for their reply.
  2. I provided services to get eBay suspended accounts reinstated. No, Attaching any other bank just for verification purpose is not breach of eBay’s TOS nor Fiverr’s. As after verification the user can change the bank account to his own without any hassle.
  3. Screenshot (5)_LI1366×768 87.2 KBAs you can see that he is agreeing that a bank account is attached to the ebay account for verification purpose
  4. I have a ss in which he’s agreeing that an bank account is attached to the eBay account
  5. But what about the work i did. it was a 175$ order
  6. What exactly did the warning notification say? The warning said that im sending empty delivery. As it was account reinstating gig so there was nothing to be attached. The customer care cancelled mu order automatically i i lost my money.
  7. Hello everyone. Hello everyone. Hello everyone. Hello everyone.
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