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  1. Capture435435740×153 11.7 KBWhen uploading my delivery. I see this last seen of my client. Which is a bit weird cause i have seen with the past delivery as well. Note: It’s a Milestone’s Payment Method…
  2. Hi, There Everyone. Hope you guys are doing well. Started my fiverr Journey on Feb 2020. Got Level 1 on Jun 15,2020. Worked my way up to level 2 on Oct 15,2020. I have been working my way up for Top rated seller until today. I have been a very professional & hard working Seller here on fiverr. Got the Opportunity for " Promoted Gigs "But it’s been going downhill for me in April 2021. Unqualified for " Promoted Gigs" ( No Reason Provided )Demoted to Level 2 ( Was only 1 % off for my Response rate ). My response rate was 90 above for all these months…I don’t know you guys can be the judge of this when fiverr says Level Promotion & Demotion is not Automated. The only point of me ranting here is we sellers are humans too. You can’t be on the top all time. Thank you for reading this… Qasim
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