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  1. Well-done Brother I hope you van get more order
  2. Thanks for provide Great tips
  3. Make sure at first read properly Job Description. Also write project related tips and solution through some live example .. That he/she want
  4. research your gig tag gig title properly related your service . use eye catching image also share your gig link all social media I Hope you can get a order
  5. Proper eye catching gig 5 photos. Gig title to use main tag. write unique gig description. Write 10 proposal everyday. Share your gig link all social media.
  6. If you want to edit you can do this . after published gig within 72 hours you can edit any things no problem.
  7. You can write your gig description clearly about your logo design service I hope you can get more auto order
  8. Marketing your gig link to share all social media account I hope you can get a more project
  9. Share your gig all social media you can get more impression and also clicks
  10. Properly research you r service related tag
  11. Great post thanks for share this post
  12. At first select a service related gig title
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