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  1. Why can’t Fiverr staff help me by adjusting the exchange bug, because the price showing wrong. According to the price there, My gig is of $21 and not $20. Uh, Isn’t there any other way which can benefit us both?
  2. Hello, Try restarting and refreshing the site.
  3. Hello! I am a video editor on fiverr and I have a client from which i need payment and send video. We decided $25 per video but due to the service fees, we got it settled for $20 and $25 per video which makes $50 for him (including service fees). The main problem starts when he got to my $20 gig, it shows 17.54 Euros for it and when we convert 17.54 euro into usd, then it becomes $21 or more. How can this be possible if I made a gig of $20 then why fiverr is showing 17.54 Euro instead of 16.71 Euros? Please Help Me Out.
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