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  1. @vineybhatia glad to see the latest update and a great initiative from Fiverr so that our industry and time won’t go in vain.
  2. Eid Mubarak 😇 everyone.
  3. Thank you for the valuable information @imagination7413 and thank you @vickiespencer for your kind help.
  4. @vickiespencer somewhere I have read that it can be cancelled and as I have offered the buyer for a no time limit so buyer can accept that offer at any time.
  5. As I am new to fiverr, I had sent tons of buyer request but unfortunately got no response from their side and its been a while I did that so what I would like to do now is to cancel those request as I am planning on editing my gig. So what is the procedure to do that ? NB: I have tried all the possible things that I thought will work but none of them worked for it.
  6. Welcome @nazia_99 looking forward to hear your success story soon.
  7. @lalanijaaz nice to hear that, looking forward to hear from you more.
  8. Thank you @sandipank for sharing this valuable information.
  9. @sandipank that means 30 days should be the benchmark before editing a gig ?
  10. @saniax why do you edit your gig everyday ? doesn’t it hamper your impression ?
  11. If a seller wants to edit his/her gig after publishing it for a while then how much/which sectors he/she can edit that will not affect his/her gig’s impression ?
  12. How come a HUMAN BEING awake 24/7 ? Please with due respect do not give any advice which is not possible for your own as well. Give as much time as possible in Fiverr & Fiverr forum (in order to learn so many things about fiverr). I guess that would be more appropriate. (PS: I am saying this by based on I know I am a HUMAN BEING and read so many related topics)
  13. With due respect @subasini5 it is necessary to sleep for a human being. I have read so many topics regarding this and also I have posted about it too. So based on those all I can suggest is try to active as much as possible like if you are out of you work station try to be online on fiverr app. That will also count you as active seller.
  14. It’s inspirational and thanks @furkan_mumin for sharing this success story of yours
  15. @keyas786 you can send buyer request so that they might have look into your gigs and you will get clicks.
  16. @ummeasha sending buyer request and promoting to social media might be helpful in this case I think though I am very new in fiverr (learning from forum)
  17. @stefanyoshovski thank you for tips and that’s a relief for me that I don’t have to awake 24*7 to get orders 😅
  18. @krheate okay but it will have an negative impact on my account right ?
  19. @leannelrivers what should I do if I already have sent custom offers without setting up a expiry time?
  20. You don’t want to! Enjoy being a teen while you’re still a teen! The world and people are a lot less forgiving to adults. Completely agreed with @enunciator . Enjoy while you can.
  21. @stefanyoshovski these are really cool self portrait. I usually play a lots of single/multiplayer games with my friends when I got free time and that gives me peace 😇
  22. These are very common and very cheap suggestion. You may read below about bad suggestions and avoid those. @hk_wordpress thank you brother for the information 😇
  23. Check out the above topic. @lloydsolutions thank you for sharing few more valuable informations with us.
  24. I turn it on it the morning and leave it on unless I am going out and about, say to shop and such. Then I turn it off, But if I am at home I leave it on so I can reply more easily to anyone who contacts me and to check social media. I hate to type on my phone! @vickiespencer ok I got it and thanks for the tips.
  25. @uk1000 noted and thanks for helping me out.
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