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  1. Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-06 um 12.56.57712×191 19.5 KBI’m facing a similar issue. I was trying to promote my gig as it was suggested as qualified from fiverr. Now i get this message and don’t know what they want from me?! It’s one of my most sold gigs on fiverr.
  2. Yes I also thought maybe I did something wrong and now I’m facing a sort of „softban“ but I can’t figure out what ?? Also i didn‘t get any warning or message. I changed my title, my keywords, my description and my prices but nothing changed. Also i completed a costum order order of a new client with another 5star rating but also I didn’t change anything. Now I’m waiting over 2 weeks without any sell cause nobody sees me
  3. Ok, is this a normal „rotating“ and will they come forwards again? I changed my keywords and my gig discription so I hope it will recover
  4. Thank you for the good article! I’ll definitely follow these tips. I don’t want to say, that there’s nothing i could do. But what worries me is that all my gigs dropped on the same day.
  5. Hi, since almost 2 weeks my impressions are going down massively. After 6th of april my impressions are dropping day by day from over 4K a day to just 300 (all together). I didn’t change anything, I have no warnings or bans and I’m a top rated Level One seller, but currently my whole business on Fiverr stands still. I attached the stats of my two most successful gigs, and as you can see they drop almost on the same day (different categories). Is it because of the rotation system Fiverr uses or does someone has an other explanation for this? Pleas help me! Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-18 um 14.00.421238×319 20.5 KB Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-18 um 14.00.571235×321 22.4 KB
  6. Congrats on your 100k and thank you for sharing your tips! Actually all my sales are down, after growing continuously for over 3 month and I don’t know why. 5-Star rated Level 1 Seller and from one day to another i don’t get any orders. 😔
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