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  1. yes i always try to do this thank you for your reply
  2. Over the last seven days, the impressions on my Fiverr account have been decreasing and the number of clicks is 0. How can I increase the click impressions?Is there any problem with Fiverr account when doing email marketing since I opened Fiverr account with Gmail? Fiverr.com fahimbhai3280's public profile on FiverrHi, I am Fahim. I am well qualified on the Wix website, Squarespace designing for a couple of years. I have completed 80+ projects locally. Where I dealing 50+ various clients and 14+ countries.My work spirits and ideas are clean and have a unique...
  3. welcome to the forum community best of luck
  4. Thank you so much for you suggestions
  5. Thank you so much for helping me 🙂
  6. I am sorry what you are trying to tell me i didn’t get it can you please explain?
  7. Welcome to the fiverr forum keep rocking happy freelancing best of luck 😊
  8. Yeah i don’t understand that 😞
  9. Its my mobile statistics On my laptop Impression : 8824 and click : 54 On 30 days
  10. Welcome to the community best of luck keep rocking happy Freelancing ✌️
  11. My fiverr click is getting down what can i do to increase? IMG_20210420_0251321080×982 71.1 KB
  12. If both accounts belong to you, yes, you will have a problem. When Fiverr notices two IP addresses operating from the same computer you will get a warning and maybe even have both accounts banned! 😱 thank you so much for your advice
  13. If I logout From My account and Access another one would it be a problem?
  14. Thank you so much for your advice
  15. Can a person run two Fiverr accounts on one computer?
  16. Congratulations for your achivement happy freelancing
  17. Thank you so much for your advice definitely i will follow this
  18. Thank you so much for your advice I will definitely follow this.
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