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  1. Hello, a lot of people have messaged me and said something along the lines of “I would like to order from you but your profile says you were last online 1 month ago. So I am wondering if you are still accepting orders.” However, i’ve been online constantly for almost the entire time ive been on fiverr. I dont know why it says this. If anyone can help me fix this please let me know.
  2. It looks good to me. I see you are a pretty recent seller (March 2021) so it might take some time to pickup. Otherwise, it looks pretty professional to me.
  3. It takes time, you cant do anything about it. Just wait and it might pick up again.
  4. Hello, if you dont mind, can you share your profile link so we can see and help you? One thing I do have to say though is, it does take time to get an order even if you are doing everything right, especially if your work is in a popular field. It took me 2 months to get an order and from there they skyrocketed. So just take your time and be patient!
  5. If there is nothing there then contact fiverr support and tell them your issue - support@fiverr.com
  6. Everything looks pretty good in my eyes. You are a very new seller (March 2021) and it might take some time to get a lot of orders (It took me about 2 months). So just be patient and it should hopefully pick up.
  7. Can you share a link to your profile so we can check it out?
  8. Check your email that is connected to your fiverr account. See if anything related is in there.
  9. It looks pretty darn good to me. One thing I can say though is that the delivery time on the gig seems a bit long as compared to other creators of the same topic. I don’t really have a place to speak here since this is your thing and not mine, but that might be a reason some people might not buy from you. Otherwise, it looks really professional!
  10. Hello, I would like to know what I can do better on for my profile. I’m kindly asking anyone to review my page and tell me what I can do better and what you think would make it more professional. Thank you!! Profile link - moonbootmayhem | Web Programming | United States | Fiverr How would you rate my profile?123450voters
  11. So on Fiverr, I sell auto-purchasing bots for website like Best Buy, Newegg etc. and about a month ago when I searched up “Best Buy Bot” in Fiverr, I was always in the top 5 options out of hundreds, but recently I’ve checked and I am no where near the top at all. What is this system based on? Are the more clicks you get the higher up you are in the ranking? Im really looking to improve my gig rank to get more sales again but I just dont know how.
  12. Thank you, this is very helpful. However, as I stated, without changing anything about the gig, I averaged about 3-7 orders a day. And those have suddenly stopped and turned into frankly, nothing. The only question I have is why this might be happening and how I could possibly get featured more often.
  13. Hello, so for the past few months, I’ve been doing fairly well on fiverr and averaging anywhere from 400-1000 impressions daily. Just about a week ago I achieved my most sales in a day (15) and the day after I got 7. But the day after that, my impressions went wayyy down from 700 average to 60 and it has been like that since. It worries me since nothing like this has happened in the few months that I’ve been selling and I havent been this low in impressions and sales since the first week I started. I am wondering why this might be the case since it is such a severe drop in just a single day. So if anyone knows why this is happening or have any ideas, please let me know. Thank you!
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