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  1. Thank you for answer ❤️ I will try to send more requests from buyers may improve.
  2. I think I will wait for the situation to develop … maybe it will improve. Thank you for answer!
  3. Okay, Thanks for the answer.
  4. But before that they attracted people and I got clicks … I think they are fine but it’s hard to judge your gigs. 😕 If you have any idea what I could improve, I will definitely use it!
  5. I checked and all gigs are active.
  6. Most often I wait 4 days in order not to neglect my concerts. Is there any ideal number of days after which we should make some kind of change to our gig? :thinking:
  7. it is a good idea, but does it bring big effects?
  8. I have no idea what happened to the clicks … I didn’t change the thumbnails or titles because they brought clicks before and I think they are good 😕. I wonder what to do, should I edit something or wait for improvement… :thinking:
  9. I haven’t seen my concert in reviews … unless I missed it! I haven’t edited my gigs in a few days, only two days ago I edited and today I tried to fix my clicks. After editing my gigs if it’s favorable I usually get a boost.
  10. okay thank you for your reply!
  11. Hello, community! 🖐️ How are you? 😉 I’m fine but I have a problem … Although I managed to position another gig on the first page according to the phrase, I stopped receiving clicks! 😕 the impression persists or grows, but from 15 clicks it suddenly turned to zero and it has been going on for a week! :frowning_face: would someone be able to tell me what the problem is? 🧐 the only thing that I have neglected lately is the requests of buyers due to the lack of time, but it seems to me that it does not have such a big impact on clicks … Please help! 🙏 Regards, Kapiks
  12. Of course, but then we must also provide it to him and actually be active 😉
  13. Hope as many people as possible follow this advice! 😃
  14. Hello, what don’t you understand?
  15. Thanks for your opinion! I agree, it not only raises the ranking of our gigs but also gives us great opportunities to present myself thanks to it 😀
  16. Exactly, just take a peek every few hours 😉
  17. As far as I know, the Fiverr account and the forum account are not linked so I don’t think it gives too much effect … plus most of the people on the forums are sellers.
  18. I’ve been learning SEO for a long time and I know how it works, but I wonder if it gives the same results on Fiverr as before.
  19. I will position my concerts but I noticed that earlier it gave better results than now … and I would like to know if there is anything now that works better in the Fiverr algorithm
  20. Hi everyone, 🖐️ Today I come to you asking if it is still profitable to use SEO on your gigs? :thinking: I have been hearing about “Fiverr 3.0” for some time now and it became not entirely clear to me … Has it already happened or is the revolution yet to come? I’m thinking about improving my gigs and I don’t know what’s more important right now. SEO or optimizing my gigs? :thinking: I always try to find a golden mean between the two, but with such a growing market, it is getting harder and harder to position my gigs… 😕 I am asking you to suggest what now gives the best results? Thank you for all the answers and I wish you every success! ❤️ Regards, Kapiks
  21. Thanks, you too man! 😀
  22. A pity 😕 … it would be an extremely useful tool and could facilitate many things and save a lot of time.
  23. Hi, how are you? I’m ok, 🖐️ but I have an important question for you! 😉 Is there any way to check the SEO of your gigs on Fiverr? Typing all these keywords and checking multiple pages is tedious … And on top of that, I’ve noticed that many people usually show up in a different place. 🧐 I’m looking for some tool that could check it! something like what an SEO analyzer is for websites. Is there such a thing? :thinking: I count on taking help and thank you for every answer! 😃 Regards, Kapiks
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