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  1. I've read about people having less buyer requests but I've never read about someone not having any buyer requests on a specific device only. So you should wait for a more experienced seller to answer your question or contact customer support.
  2. Congratulations but you don't need to keep everyone updating on how much orders you've completed. Just 20 hours ago you posted that you completed 8 orders. This can be considered spamming.
  3. Yes you can use multiple devices. Most of the sellers use mobile phones for messaging purpose(mostly) while they do their actual work on some other device(laptops/PCs etc.) so just as everyone else is using multiple devices, you can also use them.It doesn't matter if it's mobile phone and a laptop or two laptops.
  4. 1.For new sellers a limited number of buyer requests are shown, you'll see more request when you complete some orders. 2.Maybe no one has posted any requests in your category at the time. I don't have much knowledge on how fiverr works but I think this"minimum two gigs requirement for unlocking buyer request" is just ridiculous. Even if you have a single gig, you can still have requests from buyer.(If its in your subcategory).
  5. Why don't you guys just use the congrats! emoji instead of spamming those gigantic red congrushdhlakashaan. Also use thanks emoji as @lloydsolutionssaid.
  6. I recieved some messages from a buyer about the gig and beneath those messages there is a note from fiverr that "This user can no longer be contacted,this will not affect your response rate" Now I think that this happens when fiverr bans that user(for spamming etc) or that user block you.But if fiverr have banned that person then how does he keep showing online and I wonder what reason could he have to block me, I didn't even had the chance to reply him. Or is this some other problem?
  7. Yes, you can use cartoonized profile picture and it would make a good impression if your gigs are related to illustration and cartoonizing etc but if your gigs are in other categories then its not a good idea to use cartoonized profile picture instead you should use a more professional looking photo
  8. You should probably write the description in your native language then translate it through google. because I don’t think you knew what you were writing.
  9. You probably are honest but all 9 reviews on both of your gigs from the same person is just kind of sus
  10. I don’t if there’s way to change rating And I understand new buyers don’t know what reviews means to us but plz don’t ask them for a five star reviews You might be asking for a review just because the buyer is new but you may get banned for this
  11. If you are just waiting for the order than its gonna take a long time for you to get order. You should send offers to buyer requests regularly. And you should edit your gig to make it more attractive . And if your doing all that then I can only say that keep trying and don’t lose hope
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