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  1. I love this new update…
  2. Its better you can talk with CS. They will advice you better.
  3. Great. Today I learn new tricks… Thanks brother. I will follow it.
  4. Allah will help you. Just make a push up once more. Hope your will in the track… Where u know very well how to rank your gig again…😍
  5. Put relative & strong keywords on your gig. Which will help your gig appear in the fiverr search engine, when customer will search your service. This is the best why to create viwers.
  6. Myth: 5, Its not true. As per Fiverr, policy if my gig is ranked then I will get more order & my gig will appear in top of search result. When I getting continues order, may I have not enough time to check the buyer request & apply on it. But for new seller, when they create their gig its not rank in a over night. So, they have a 2nd option to get order from buyer request. Where fiverr give us10 request, So, why new seller will lose their opportunity to get order by applying 10 buyer request daily? If new seller can apply the job with Proper manor, he have possibility to get order. When, seller get the order from buyer request, this also help them to rank his gig. So, I am totally disagree on Myth: 5
  7. Ahhh got it… Last few days I was confused about this…
  8. Though for some subcategories (some writing ones?) a passed skill test is required before you can post a gig there. So for those subcategories you wouldn’t be able to get any orders without passing the skill test since you wouldn’t be able to publish your gig there if you hadn’t passed. Also we don’t have the data to be able to say whether or not it helps. I think Fiverr might have originally said something like it could increase your rank in their blog (which may not actually be the case). Though maybe that’s been removed/edited now. Right your are…😍
  9. I am confused about your massage. Do you disagree or agree on this? Pls clesrify…
  10. I am confused about your massage. Do you disagree or agree on this? Pls clesrify…
  11. Gig impression is not a main fact in fiverr. Main fact is you have to reach your targeted clients by your service. Not for just click on your gig. You need find real buyer & real click for sell your service.
  12. Is that a good idea??? I think its spam, also it will work for few moments but not permanent solution
  13. Absolutely right you are. Day by day this competition will be increase. Also, we have to upload our gig as per current market trande & demand. For that we have to make ourself skilled badge on fiverr new catagory.
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