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  1. thank you for your response my gig was ranking at first page on top row but now its disappear from there, so I will still receive the orders or not??
  2. Hi, there two of my buyers left me a negative reviews on purpose i done work more then the gig requirement but they still left me a negative review and now my gig or profile rating goes down to 4.4 please anyone help me. I am new on Fiver.
  3. what will be the effect on the New Seller if his Gig get a negative rating and his rating goes from 5.o to 4.4.
  4. Hi, I need help please A buyer left a negative review on purpose I did a lot of work more then my gig requirement but still he left me a negative review.

    Now my gig rating is on 4.4 what should i do to save my profile and Gig, please help me and also what will the impact of this on Gig or profile thanks!

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