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  1. This statement is from TOS. Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 6.17.12 PM1156×68 6.69 KBTHANKS FOR YOUR REPLY. i understood what my mistake was
  2. hello i am a new seller my gig was in first page . got 4 knocks but sadly could’nt covert them t order now my gig is dissappeard!! what can i do!!! impressions are also getting low!!! i share my gig on social media
  3. share your gig on social media platform
  4. heynice to meet you. welcome to fiverr
  5. just waiting to end this pandamic
  6. i am an web developer. new to fiverr. check out my gig. is it okay . the first and second one Fiverr.com inzi_injamamOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done. god blesss you all
  7. welcome to fiverr beautiful community
  8. hey i am also a new seller. understand your feeling . dont worry keep paitence. do foruming remain active and do some gig marketing
  9. create a github account under new email. hope that helps
  10. gig title and image and description is most important. so focus on it more. and then publish
  11. bangladesh is also facing some problem
  12. keep paitence and follow the above guidelines
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