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  1. If i delete a gig where i completed an order today (the order is just accepted), are the money earned "canceled" too or it stay in my account?
  2. Can someone explain to me why, despite the fact that clicks and views are increasing (by a little) these days, the arrow in the statistics is always red and down?
  3. Yes it is because you have do a good seo optimization (tag, title) so you have lucky with algorithm. Plus, your category is a low competition so its soooo best. Badly, i have a bad seo optimization and a high competition category, so i did only 1 order in 4 months. Fortunately, im doing now the second order ever in fiverr
  4. Really only 26 views + 9 CLICKS?? Its a lot in proportion so good luck! I think you will to have a lot of order in few time
  5. Do you remember after how many time (from the first log) have you received an order?
  6. I like how from my poll we are discussing of forum and fiverr so GG
  7. Yes but i do that everyday… There is another thing that don’t work
  8. After 4 month with max 450 views at week with 7 click… Sorry but I’ve lost hope by now… I spend money for a seo optimization of one of my gig and the result is 50 views for it…
  9. Poll: 1- How many views do u have in this week? How many click? 2- How many active gig do u have? 3- How long have you been working (or trying to work) on fiverr? 4- What level are you? 5- How many orders have you received in total? What is the average of your reviews? 6- What is the service that you offer (category)? My results: 1- 297 views, 1 click 2- 7 active gigs (the maximum for my level) 3- Im on fiverr from about 4 months 4- Im a “new seller” 5- I only had one order and the review is 5 stars 6 - Graphic and design
  10. Hi guysss! How are you? Im so excited now because i finally offer the services that i wish a lot! It an original services, i don’t think there are some of same in fiverr, i started this project in Instagram 2 years ago and now I decided to bring it on fiverr too! I think the presentation images are OK, but i don’t found a very good name, tag and description… So now i need of a seo optimization because i want to go viral with this ORIGINAL work! The new gig: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/1ade3756c1 Please help me to improve fiverr!!!
  11. Can anyone tell me what is the name of the technique for painting the text with most that one color like this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPE10jutZzI/?utm_medium=copy_link ?
  12. Email "Do you need help keeping your freelance business in order? Do you have work that goes beyond Fiverr? We have the tool for you! Automate all the admin tasks you hate and focus on making more money by using AND.CO. More than 375,000 freelancers already use AND.CO to handle their finances and grow their business: they send proposals, invoices, get paid, manage their time, tasks and expenses all in one tool. Freelancers save on average 8 hours a month with AND.CO, do you want to give it a try? It’s free! “It’s really easy and fast to set up new projects, new contracts and send invoices - it takes me 1 minute to invoice every client from my phone”. Margarida Borges, Designer Want to go Pro? AND.CO offers a Pro subscription plan with unlimited active clients, your own branding on all documents, editable contracts, award-winning, priority support & 30 day money back guarantee! Now you can go Pro with an 25% off of your yearly Pro plan or on your first monthly subscription!"
  13. Well, i don’t ask to buy my own services. I know there is method to promote gig paying fiverr but i understand this isn’t for level 1 seller, correct?
  14. Hi! I have 5$ fiverr credit and i want to use that to improve my gig on fiverr. How can i do?
  15. My customer send me this: he can dowload the fill that i have send him. 9ee3126a-bbc7-4086-a6d1-b221724e1070720×1026 45.1 KB
  16. Good news for all participants in this topic: despite the problems I completed the order and it was successful! 5 star review! Now my first order is finished, and another customer has already contacted me, hopefully good 🤞
  17. Now I am also confused. Is your order placed or not? You said he will pay later, this means that order was not started because you have to pay 100% advance on Fiverr to make an order. Then you are saying you want to cancel this order. How? If there is no order then what do you want to cancel? The order isn’t started, but my work is started, so i consider it like order. “Cancel order” mean “stop working with this customer”
  18. Which one is it? Whilst the order is open I would avoid using Instagram. Use Fiverr only to discuss order related details. If there is a dispute between you, Fiverr will want to be able to see all the messages on their end. If he has already paid on fiverr and the order is open, then politely message him on instagram that you should chat only on fiverr and then deliver the work. If he isn’t happy with it, you can use a revision to make changes. Your gig shows that you include at least 3 revisions. The offer was made but was not accepted, the customer said he wants to wait for the finished order and then pay. There are no scam problems because obviously I don’t send the image of the job 100% sharp. The question therefore remains whether it is preferable to continue this order or “cancel it”, because I am wasting so much time
  19. Of course, I brought the client here on purpose. The chat is happening on instragram though.
  20. I think the point of this rule is that if you found someone on Fiverr, you should not try to contact them personally or bring them outside Fiverr, so that you keep all your transactions on Fiverr. Since both of them are already communicating on Instagram then Fiverr can’t change that. And the buyer has already made the payment through Fiverr so it shouldn’t be an issue. But I’m not sure what Fiverr’s opinion is. Yes man, you are right. Fiverr can’t stand in my way if what I’m doing is in favor of fiverr
  21. Man, I took the client from instagram to fiverr, I made him download the fiverr app. I would have no other interest in chatting with him outside of fiverr
  22. I managed to bring a client to fiverr from about a week. The job is to design a book cover for his ebook for only $ 5. I accepted the job not for this meager money but for the possible review that could make me appear a little more. The problem is that I am wasting a lot of time with this client because he cannot find what he wants and he is not often online … What do you advise me to do? Do you keep looking for a solution to get a good review or change customers and keep waiting? Ps. There is no chance of a bad review because we are texting via instagram and he doesn’t just accept the order because he doesn’t know fiverr well and would prefer to use it only at the time of delivery and payment.
  23. They could advise on pricing and the seller could decide whether they wanted to go with the suggested prices or not. Though it seems like that’s something that happens with Seller Plus: From the Seller Plus page link: Though you have to pay a monthly fee for seller plus and it’s not open to everyone. Yes, it would be fair if maybe they could recommend prices for our gigs, without having to be forced to accept them as others in this topic are discussing.
  24. I can’t believe you really started attacking me based on my profile name
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