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  1. Seems like fiverr is down. Anyone know, when it will be live back again. Screenshot_2021-05-04-16-25-20-243_com.android.chrome720×1520 116 KB
  2. The below are the videos I used for my Fiverr gigs. https://fiverr-res.cloudinary.com/video/upload/t_fiverr_hd/dq2xdbfmxt7yxadzgcmk https://fiverr-res.cloudinary.com/video/upload/t_fiverr_hd/sfoehcysetwpqpzuysht Can you say me review on how the videos are. Are they attractive? Are they necessary and is there any possibility for them to improve my gigs rankings? Any other tips to improve my video’s quality?
  3. I am also new on Fiverr. But have a journey of 15 days hardwork from which I came to know that you always need to have a portfolio or successful sample projects for yourself before creating a new account. For example : If you are a digital marketer, you must have a successful social profile. If you are a website developer, you must have a successful website. If you are a video creator, you must have a YouTube channel. And so on.
  4. I thought so, since you got all 9 orders from a same profile and the reviews they gave to you are also similar to each other. That seems suspicious for a new seller. Sorry, if that’s wrong.
  5. I add the details with the requests in between, see I have mentioned in bold. I just have a structure. Is that wrong too.
  6. Seems like you are trying to cheat Fiverr by buying your gigs yourself. Please note that it’s against Fiverr terms and conditions and as a result you may be banned.
  7. All your gigs descriptions are too less in quantity. In your video editing gig, the video was not very much attractive. Just texts are roaming with few animations. Since the gig is video editing, you must show your complete talents in the showcased video. Also, buyers may believe you only if you have your own YouTube channel, subscribers doesn’t matter, but your talent matters.
  8. I am a new seller on Fiverr, I have created a few gigs. The gigs received nearly 1000 impressions in the last 10 days. But, I didn’t get any messages from any buyers till now. See my profile for my account link Can you guess, in average, at what impressions I may get my first order, with your expirence? At what impressions did you get your first order? I get an average 50 clicks for 1000 impressions, is that normal? What about your impressions to clicks rate? I know it depends on category, gig optimization, image quality and others like that too. But I hope you to say me with your expirence and your knowledge
  9. This is all wrong. You are not sending messages, you are sending offers. You MUST include in your offer: a) Who you are and your skills b) what do you offer c) what do you need to complete the order d) time frame e) what is included in price, revision and for what, what will be in delivery Submitting Your OfferWe’ve collected feedback from our buyer community to better understand how they choose offers from this tool. Below are some tips to help make your offer stand out from the rest. Take time to carefully review the buyer’s request. Buyers will often spend time describing the service they need in detail, and some may even attach a file for reference. Personalize your offer and include a detailed description. This is a good place to let them know who you are and how you can do the job. When describing your offer, address all relevant information the buyer included in their initial request. Include only Gig Extras that actually answer the buyer’s needs. Set a reasonable price and delivery time for the service requested. Avoid contacting a buyer directly via inbox message. Buyers may view this as spam, and if reported, it will affect your communication flexibility. This is not a promotional tool. Only share your Gig if it is relevant to a specific Buyer Request Actually at initial stages, I sent very long offers description. I used complete 1200/1200 words. I included my project links. I included why they should trust me and more bulk things too… But I have never got any response from them. Then I realized that, they even don’t read such large responses. The responses must be short and sweet. That’s why I made it very small, which just made it look a bit professional than before. And also, they are however going to contact me before ordering and at that time I can impress them with my previous projects and ideas. Do you send large offer descriptions? Have you got any potential buyers from those?
  10. Hi there, hope you are doing good. response message here Message me with more details of your project, let’s discuss more, also let me share my previous projects on message. Hoping to hear back from you. This is how my structure is, what do you think about it? I don’t have any reviews since I am a new seller. Do buyers see my review even after I offer cheap price and promise quality work?
  11. I am also a wordpress developer, see my profile. Hope we both could collobarate, just message me.
  12. As a new seller, I have created a few gigs and sent relevant buyer requests daily for nearly the past 10 days. I used all the 10 possible buyer requests every day. I have read all tips and tricks I found through the forum and followed them thoroughly. • I sent buyer requests only after reading their description completely • I offer only on requests where very few have already done it • I offer only at low budget projects • I follow all good practices like greeting them, explaining how I could do the work, saying them to message me,… But, till now, I have not even got even any messages from any of those. Am I wasting my time in buyer requests? I found many spammers there, could I find any potential buyers from the feature? Do you use the feature, have it got any buyers for your gigs?
  13. I am a very new Fiverr seller. I have created a few gigs. My gigs have started to rank and receive overall upto 100 impressions a day. But they receive very low interaction rate. Just around 3-5 clicks a day. I suspect with my thumbnail image quality and attractiveness. Rate my images quality (out of 10) in comments. Give me suggestions on improving the images attractiveness. Give me advises on what I should do. Don’t forget to rate.
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