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  1. Seriously!! Some of thiese rubbish clients seller’s reputations come to in danger.
  2. Welcome to fiverr community. Be active and promote ur gig on social media.
  3. You can promote your gig through social media.And be active as much as you can.
  4. Welcome to fiverr community. Being positive will help to gain success.
  5. According to your explanation you sent only 108 byer request within 120 days. That means you didn’t send your 10 byer request everyday. You can also change your gig without that on you get order. It helps to increase impression and click. You should also be active in social media.
  6. Sometimes it happens.It’s fiverr’s system.You should share your gig on social media to get more impression and click.
  7. You can edit anytime but it will change your gig position. Suppose you have reviews so don’t edit your gig.but if you don’t have reviews you can. Remember as much as you edit your gig you may lose your gig position.
  8. Yes, you can change your gig image if you don’t have any review.
  9. How could you make byer request to get the job? Can you show any sample?
  10. YES if you make changes in your gig that means you are updating your gig.
  11. Why did you get warning??? fiverr has explanation.
  12. You can delete your gig and create your new gig according to the key words.
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