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  1. it will not effect if order is completed automatically but the Public and Private feedback given by Buyer will might affect your rank.
  2. On 15th of every month Fiverr Seller Evaluation takes place.
  3. Great Post and Congratulations @smashradio. Hope you become Grandmaster soon.
  4. Share your Gigs on social media related to your Niche and try to find Potential buyers there which are interested in your services.
  5. Number 6 is not Possible for a normal human being.
  6. On Fiverr, it is between 5-10 min you will show online after you Logout.
  7. Dont Login to your account from Different networks. This will lead to a Profile Ban.
  8. Try to sort the issue with Buyer that why he wants to cancel. If you have done the work as per the Buyer requirements, then there is no point of cancellation.
  9. No, You cant share Behance Link. Read this article https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360016541618-Allowed-Links-for-Gigs
  10. Same Issue here My Gigs are Unqualified since 30th July. Hope it becomes eligible for Promotion soon.
  11. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360018143698-FAQ-Seller-Plus
  12. No, reviews will remain on your Profile even though you delete the GIG
  13. I lost my Job When Pandemic hits first in March 2020 in India. I was searching Online trying to make money where I can use Utilize my Skill Set. Joined Fiverr in April and from there on it has been a Wonderful experience working with People all over the world.
  14. Great way to showcase Your Skills & enhance your Knowledge and work with Peoples all Over the Globe.
  15. Contact Customer Support they will Cancel it
  16. You have done the Hardwork. Enjoy the Success
  17. Avoiding both is better and try to sought matter with Buyer but in worst case Cancellation is better than a bad review as review will show on your Profile always while Cancellation effect cannot be seen after 60 days.
  18. I think its better to Increase your Prizes & Delivery time to a Higher Value.
  19. Both of them have their Impacts. As I see you have 38 reviews so I think Order Cancellation will be right bcoz recovering from a Poor review will take time and review will stays on your Profile forever.
  20. At the top you will see the option of 3 Packages next to the Scope & Pricing. By Default it is turned off, you need to turn it on and then you can set your 3 different packages.
  21. Fiverr Block those who are messaging same messages to 10-15 different person at same time. It considers as Spamming. Therefore they block them.
  22. You cant use two different Fiverr accounts on one Laptop or PC. Fiverr keep tracks of Your System IP address. Both of them will get banned. These are against Terms & Conditions.
  23. There is no Secret Formula for Gig Ranking. It depends upon Various Factors.
  24. I am Facing Same Problem 2nd time( 28 days running) now in last 3 months where GIGS are Unqualified for Promotion and have tanked down to last Pages in search. Only Getting Five Star reviews. All Statistics are 100%. Not sure what additional metrics I need to qualify to be eligible again. Highly Confusing and Demotivating to see it after giving your 100% to all Orders.
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