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  1. Hi, After achieving Level 1, I am not getting fresh buyer requests, whenever I browse buyer request, I always get the same old requests (almost 350 requests). I am facing this problem for the last one week. Kindly recommend solution. Thanks
  2. Hi, my first delivery was on time, few hours before marking as complete, buyer sent a revision without instruction. My time bar started again, I had no idea about this so I requested the buyer to extend the time for revision which he accepted but without any revision instructions. Now he is continuously off, extended time is near to expire, What should I do. After reading the thread, I think I have made a mistake for asking an extended time. Can you guide, should I withdraw the extended time offer?
  3. Hi, I delivered an order well within before time. on the last day, buyer sent a notification of revision without informing me. I asked him to send instructions for revision but he replied to inform later. The time bar started again, as a newbie i had no idea how to handle the situation and I opened dispute settlement and requested him to extend the time for revision which he approved instantly. No he is out of scene, not responding to my messages, extended time is near to expire again, What should I do now?
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