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  1. welcome dear! if you need any assistance then just put your query here! thanks
  2. @sm_rahaman dear you are a marketing specialist then why you don't market your gig? it will take you gig to the next level very fast, contact the business near to your location and run ads for them and ask them to buy your services through fiverr, on fiverr offer them a discount, like if they pay you $50 by hand then offer them $40 on fiverr and their they will have to pay a small fee and then they will feel good to use fiverr. by this you can get good remarks from your buyers!
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience, dear I think this is not good for a newbie.... One who have not a single order then what they have to do? Listen @shuvo_19818 dear, for the first few orders you have to share your work on social media and offer them discounts so they would buy your gig, by this you can have good reviews on your gig. You have to create your gig after careful keyword research and then you have to be online most of the time. By this you will be visible in online sellers and there you can get a chance to be contacted by a buyer. Then you should have good gig samples and if a buyer contact you then you should have a good communication skill! if you have any questions just ask me and I will try my best to assist you! thanks
  4. Dear Malik Safdar, I think it is problem with your image, because if I see your gig that is not showing gig images in your gig but only showing the gig title and then your profile! it has shuffle things like your profile part is replaced with your gig image, in attached image you can see that one of your gig has this issue highlighted with red. you have to contact with customer support and tell them that this is the main issue what you are seeing that your profile and gig samples replaced. If they correct this issue then your gig will automatically be in searches again! InshaAllah *About gig section and profile section should be replaced!*
  5. What happened! Fiverr showing this when click on any fiverr gig image "Traffic from this source has been blocked." Anyone experiencing this?

    Traffic from this source has been blocked.png

  6. Dear I fetch people from outside to fiverr be giving them reference about their BR on fiverr. Violation is not that you search buyers outside of fiverr violation is that if you get paid out of fiverr. Taking orders from friends is not violation if you are really a good seller and you have grip on your skills, by this you can put your more samples in your gig gallery so your buyers can see your portfolio, fiverr doesn't allow links for third portfolio site in gig's description. But you know who get ranking on the first page they use this trick and many a people use ads to get ranked but if they don't have any review no new customer contact them even they are on the first page, but if they have good samples like 3 images, 1 video and 2 PDFs then buyer can be amazed with his/her work. If you are not agree with my suggestions you are not allowed to use offensive language and hated words!
  7. Dear, do you know who didn't successful using BR, that were only those seller who just copy pasting the formal statements in reply of BRs, I had a formula that was 8 point formula for making your bid successful and 80% or my bids get reply from buyer but if you get a buyer in your inbox then you should have quality and grip on your service and effective communication. As BR was the way to get buyer in your inbox and then you can use your magic to covert that buyer into sale. You know when I had sent 9 then I keep checking BRs as many buyer requests had a business name or social media link then I use them and in this sense I sent 20 bids in one day many a time. You know when buyer when hate this option because of sellers send a formal reply to their BRs without reading it carefully and they tired to read the same type of the answers again and again so that's why buyers started to mention a keyword in their BR that if you read my BR then type "keyword" in the start of your reply, and then only the serious sellers got the edge who read it carefully and send reply according to buyer's need and buyer filter these requests that have the specific keyword. For ranking when our gig is made with proper SEO then we need some sales to get it on first pages but how you will get sales as newbies as only the fake buyers or fraudulent people hire new sellers and many a time they ask them to pay for the order or they ask them to send original files otherwise they will cancel the order. BR was only the way to get organic orders to boost our gig with ethics otherwise the 2nd way is to ask your friends to send orders on your gig so you could have good review and new buyers could rely on your service.
  8. Kindly share this suggestion everywhere on fiverr community so they could know that by this option the basic norms of fiverr are fading up and people are like to work on other platforms where they could get bids. I learnt about fiverr in 2018 and they had a feature free 10 bids daily, wow that's the main edge by which fiverr become so much popular for sellers and you know if sellers are here then buyers come for getting good work. Help me to get this kind suggestion to have a like and upvote from every fiverr seller and buyer! as buyers and sellers both are fiverr community and we have to take care of its value and social norms! Let's do it! Give me a hand
  9. Hello dear all, I think fiverr gone selfish now, it was working well and an equally job provider site for all new and old sellers but now get brief option is being shown to the upper grade sellers, they want to make more money; do you know the 80/20 rule? now fiverr thinks that only the high sales provider and high price taking sellers are beneficial for them. My suggestion: Fiverr should use them both features (buyer request and match a brief) at the same time to see which feature buyers like to use with friendly environment, because I request a brief for book cover mockup and fiverr come back to me after 24 hours with empty hands that it didn't find any seller to match my brief, then I request fiverr to open the buyer request feature again as that was so quick and we get response very fast on our buyer requests from the sellers according to our required work. Now fiverr suggesting buyers only those sellers who have already getting work and many briefs return back with no match. Its not good for both the buyers and sellers as well. Kindly think about my suggestion.
  10. When I made a brief request their was the price section saying me to enter a price and that is not letting me down to $5 but it says to enter minimum $10, so I thought if any buyer doesn't have an idea to put his/her price for a logo then definitely they have to put a place holder price and that is $10. What do you think is this something useful for you?
  11. For being in get brief matching your gig should be made with excellent SEO, and fiverr will send notifications to the gigs which are performing well and if they didn't respond to my Buyer Request then fiverr will send that notification to some more people who have the keywords which I have used in description, or what images sample I have attached fiverr will try to match it with your gig samples and then contact you if you are a good match to the project. We should all complain for this feature as with this feature only the people in front will remain there and other sellers and specially newbies will never get any order! I have used and post a request to check how get brief will work but the whole day I didn't get any offer and now after 24 hours fiverr returned to me with empty hands and said we couldn't find any best match for my service! so buyer will never like this feature as every buyer wants responses on their request and want to discuss their project with the seller whom they liked but with this feature buyer will have to wait for 24 hours for fiverr team to answer with failure! So one thing is very easy for buyers to select gigs by searching their keyword and search for online buyers! now the best way is to do seo of the gig and be online most of the time so your gig would be in front of buyers! they don't have time to writer these worthless buyer requests!
  12. Actually the best selling filter works like selling avg, that is sales/days or price of sales/days so which gigs are sold 5 gigs in 10 days that gig will be up on the gig which sold 10 in 30 days. I hope you go it! but one thing which I see and shocked that there a lot of new sellers that they have 0 orders and not they are pro sellers and still in best selling filter... that is totally horrible. even they don't have any order on any of their gigs!
  13. there you can use the search bar on buyer request to show you buyer requests having this word "FGH" then you can remove those requests and you have filtered out your whole buyer requests from these unknow attribute BRs.
  14. Dear, sorry it's too late but I think this could help any other who has the same issue. There are new buyers many a time and they do like this, but don't worry just contact the buyer and ask if he is not happy with your services, or if he need anything else if he replied good then ask him reason for the 4 stars, and if he said he doesn't that it would be a bad impact then tell him that you can correct it by contacting to Fiverr support and they will read the review wording and then understand that buyer did this mistakenly then they will correct it. That's it
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