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  1. Dear Fiverr have its own search engine! The only way to find sellers to sell your gigs is to send effective buyer requests so you could get contact of buyer and when buyer would come to your inbox then you have to use your communication skill and get order from the buyer. I do a trick that I ask something about the buyer request in my offer or I offer a free sample so the buyer could know that I am the right match for that particular work. See this video to get response on your buyer requests: Fiverr Sellers and buyers (quora.com)
  2. @tabasumnidha what problems are you facing? Let me know I will try to help you to boost your gigs!
  3. @ariana_anjum this time is not to keep patience but he should do more work. I say when you don't have any order that is the time that you can use to enhance your skills. Freelancers have not time to look at themselves but when they get time they should make themselves more powerful and more skilled, in his case what I think is that he is not a good communicator and secondly he is not well in his skills!
  4. Hi, I am coaching fiverr since 2 years, I have seen many cases like that. I can sort out your problem into 3 sections which I am writing below, hopefully you will get your answer. Problem1: "We are getting impressions but no clicks" Solution: work on your title and gig image Problem2: "We are getting impressions and clicks but buyer don't contact" Solution: Make changes in your gig description, make it clear (no confusing text) Use one price means one package, in many cases I found the price packages were confusing and buyers come to gig and don't understand which package is suitable for their need. Problem3: "We are getting impressions, clicks and also contacted by buyer but no orders" Solution: It means you have to be matured in your communication level, and you have to become master in your skills. You are not doing what you are selling mean what you have promised in your gig that you are not doing as per your words. For instance if you have written that you will provide a vector logo file and when the buyer come to you in your inbox then you fails to show him anything like what you have promised.
  5. What is it meant by FGH (or no FGH)
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