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  1. The buyer has never been online, therefore all my messages have not been answered. I emailed the CS they told me to wait and they will cancel when few hours are remaining. I have written a series of emails but no answer again. Am confused.
  2. Dear good people, Please help. A buyer gave an order with no basic requirement such as the content to be uploaded. I wrote to customer support and they have not taken action. Delivery time has elapsed. What am I supposed to do? Thanks
  3. Thank you, kindly what’s the best image ratio?
  4. Hello, Please help with ideas, my primary image for a gig is not showing on searches, what’s showing is an image delivered to client. What do i do to ensure the primary image is showing on profile? The link is here its showing thank you image https://www.fiverr.com/share/5VDb1k
  5. Thanks, I tried writing to support but I could not see the right category.
  6. Hello, Please help, a buyer is asking whether I can join his online class to answer a few questions on a globalization. Is it permitted on fiverr? If yes, how do we share meeting details please as I know sharing of personal information is prohibited. Please share the way forward. Thank you!
  7. Hello, How do you handle people who order without contacting you. What is the solution of stopping people ordering directly without giving you any information taking note that cancellations lead to lower scores in fiverr.
  8. Hello, Am new to fiverr, my account was restricted as I tried verifying ID. Its been 24hrs and the customer support have not assisted. What could be the problem? Anyone with similar experience?
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