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  1. no. this is my first payoneer account with this 1st fiverr acct. and I am succeeded to withdraw the payment.
  2. Finally succeeded to withdraw the fund. it takes 2 hrs for linking Fiverr to Payoneer. I provide Facebook marketing service and in one of my existing order, I need to provide my email for giving me admin access to his business manager. I used the word “eml” but everything was going fine. after completed the order it passed 3 days then suddenly one day the mail came. I don’t know How much time it takes. I didn’t get any warning before. it was my 47th day on Fiverr. I am so much upset.
  3. I dont understand whats going on. can i dont withdraw the fund when my account is being reviewed?
  4. I Cant withdraw fund from Fiverr after linking the Payoneer account successfully and got a mail from Payoneer that “You can now receive payments from Fiverr directly to the USD balance in your Payoneer account.” but when I click bank transfer it shows me again that ''You are trying to add a new withdrawal method. Choose a verification method so we can make sure it’s you." But I already did it successfully and I can see in my Payoneer account funding source added Fiverr. Note: My account is being reviewed for the last 3 days and my all gig denied and I cant text my previous clients. but I can access my account and today was my first pending balance cleared. so I link it with my Payoneer but I cant withdraw it. should I wait for a couple of hours? I am so much upset. please anyone help me. I attached the screenshot of the problem. Thanks Screenshot_6909×295 18.3 KB 182800086_513369453131689_3104252254836159196_n605×521 20.3 KB Screenshot_7884×271 8.25 KB Screenshot_8764×369 16.1 KB
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