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  1. @imagination7413 its very informative, thank you very much.
  2. @imagination7413 how gig image is false its original. and description is also my own, how can you say that copied?
  3. @imagination7413 please you give personally some tips thanks.
  4. @imagination7413 because of that review i couldn’t generate any sell.
  5. @imagination7413 please give some tips thank you so much
  6. @imagination7413 my 1 star gig is de-ranking 1.5k impressions to 1.3 why its happening please tell
  7. @imagination7413 please do suggest some other things
  8. @imagination7413 i wanted just somehow solution, not to cheat the system okay and thanks for guidelines.
  9. Clearly the buyer did not think so. If you don’t know what went wrong, even if you could delete the review (which you can’t), there’s no way to say the exact same thing won’t just happen again and you’ll end up with another similar or identical review. The review you did get (I glanced at your profile) wasn’t ideal for feedback or self improvement, I’ll admit, but that you don’t know indicates that there was probably a miscommunication issue. I’ve read a few stories about missing additional tabs in a spreadsheet, or entering numeric values when there should have been a formula, or even inconsistent fonts or formatting when it wasn’t a part of the order, but the buyer still expected it. You didn’t answer my other question, though: Where did this order originate? Thank you so much, Its also from fiver… @imagination7413 please, i want to ask just that, my gig was performing well with better impressions and clicks because of seo, now i want to ask if i delete this gig (the 1star rated gig) then i recreate with same seo and optimizing. will it work .? i know rating will remain on my account but i want to know that i delete 1star ranked gig then create new, so that gig rating will remain on my new gig or it will be very fresh gig ,. please answer?? @imagination7413 i delete and create new will new gig rank by my optimization
  10. please guide now what should i do, should i delete or what else i can do to get out from this situation
  11. don’t know, i delivered all work perfectly.
  12. I have 1.3k Impressions on my gig and five clicks but I have just one order with 1star rating and its been 3 weeks, so should I delete this and recreate again or not and if will delete this, will my 1star rating also be deleted ? I think 1 star rating is affected with so sorrow feeling i got my order with negative rating… NOW 3weeks gone any order what should I do delete or not. please guide…
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