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  1. welcome to Fiverr, I am also new to Fiverr and received my first order about 2 months later. Put in 10 buyer requests Always be online Thanks
  2. welcome to fiverr community forum! and good luck!
  3. Hello friends It now takes me about a month to complete my first order. But I did not receive any order other than that. Why is that? How long does it take for the second order to arrive? I put in 10 Buyer Requests. thanks!!!
  4. Know all Buyer Requests Share on social media Try to stay online as much as possible
  5. Thank you so much for your very valuable advice
  6. Hello friends, Tell me a good way to respond to customer requests. That is, what things should we put in it? Is it okay to send a portfolio that we have?
  7. Hey, Hey, After working on Fiverr and giving it to the buyer, how long does it usually take for us to get paid? Thanks
  8. Hi, I am a Graphic Designer and Video Editor.
  9. Hi, The number of Impressions on my Fiverr account has been steadily declining for about 3 days now. What is the reason for that? How to increase it? Thanks.
  10. Hello, I’m a new seller to Fiverr. Can you help me and tell me the shortcomings of my Fiverr Profile? That’s because I want to make up for those shortcomings and move on to Fiverr. Thanks Fiverr.com dimuflyer's public profile on FiverrHi,Have a nice day!!!Thank you so much for visiting my GIG.My name is Dimuflyer and I have been in graphic design for 3 years. Creating the things you want is more my hobby here than a job. I also have a degree in Photoshop, Illustrator and...
  11. The last message I received was as follows. “is not accepting messages at this time” What is the reason for that? Why is that?
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