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  1. congratulation .. and best of luck.
  2. Editing the gig content sometime fiverr review it. so at this time, sometime it don't show active mode , You can check it what is it current status https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig. Hope your gig will appear again. Thanks
  3. If you are a new seller and open a new gig recently, it usually happed . Don't worry, wait , after some days it will be appears .
  4. We all of us know a proverb , that is "practice makes a man perfect" . specially in this sector you must be update your self to face client expectation...so always run ways on practise.
  5. Best of luck. Try to active 24 hrs on fiver cause if your gig made with proper seo friendly , fiver give you the chance( new seller)
  6. Yeah, you can use multiple device. Don't worry , its an safe for your profile.
  7. Try to open atiest 7 gig with proper seo. Cause your entire skills which you have ,its actually present your gig in front of buyer. So open gig with proper( keyword , description, title, attractive gig image etc.) . And after doing this try to send buyer request regular basis atlest 10. Try to keep online on fiver 24 hrs and share your gig on different social media platform with sort description. Hope doing this and be patient, you will get orders. Thanks
  8. Congratulation brother. Hope you will get more order !
  9. Thanks man . very informative post. I saw always you try to post something different and creative thing. Best wishes for you.
  10. Open at least 7 gig. fiver automatically provide you lot of buyer request based on your keyword used.
  11. thanks man, for sharing this tips.
  12. Be active on fiver and sent buyer request. And most important is build your gig on a proper way , put proper keyword like low competition keyword. Also marketing your gig on different social media platform. Hope it will increase your impression click also get your first order. So best wishes for you. Thanks
  13. Stay on forum , you gain lots of new things , generally in our mind something appears lots of question about fiver and overall its all things, so its a huge topic to know your specific topic but in forum you just ask your specific topic and there is lots of expert persons to solve and answer your question. so it save your time lots. So you say its a store house of knowledge sharing platform. Thanks
  14. If you are a new seller than first task is to research low competitive keyword cause if you choose high competitive keyword than you have to chance little bit for order. Than secondly put your all targeted keyword on little. And also share your gig on many social media platform.
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