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  1. Exactly! He was trying to promote his gig here 😀
  2. But that calculation process is really bad. If you cancelled one order that will effect next 60 days....
  3. Yes that is really helpful. Finally someone explain perfectly. Thank you
  4. Before cancellation any order it was 100% after a mutual cancellation it dropped to 89% then I have completed a small custom order it became 90% After 3-4 days, again its showing 88% without any new orders or cancellations. Its really hard to understand the calculation, basically if you successfully completed one new order then percentage will increase.
  5. When someone ordered you without discussing the details and expecting a lot more without extra milestone. Then mutual cancellation is the solution.
  6. Dear fellow members, I have successfully completed 10 orders with 5 star feedback. After a couple of days later, I got an order that was not worth for the work. We mutually cancelled that order. I can see completion rate dropped to 89% , after a couple of days I have completed a small order and completion rate increased to 90% Again, two to three days later completion rate dropped from 90% to 88% -------------------- Any suggestions please! If you suggest me complete more orders and it will up again that I know. FYI Around 2 months with no new orders. So how it will possible 😑.
  7. Exactly same condition here. One issue in my case, we have mutually cancelled an order ( buyer budget was too low than work ) and completion rate down to 88% Rest you can understand...its around 2 months with no orders......
  8. congrats! But I personally feel label one badge is nothing beneficial for me. I also got that badge a few days back but no new orders since last month 😐
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