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  1. Brother am already completed my WordPress test my score 7.8 out of 10 .
  2. If I do gig, I will have a chance to get a job or get gig support
  3. What are the benefits of gig or account after completing skill test and online freelancer essential course in fiber?
  4. Hello, I’m a new freelancer on Fiverr. I am from Bangladesh. And WHAT ABOUT YOU?
  5. I’m new Freelancer also am a Bangladeshi. My working filed web design and development
  6. Hello nipunnipa, Welcome to Fiverr Forum.
  7. Thank You bro, am already do this type of work bro.
  8. I always try to learn to work regularly to keep my skills up to date. I made my gig with what I can. I don’t lie about work so that if someone hires me I can do it beautifully.
  9. I already follow this tips but no improve
  10. Am already change my gig format but no result bro
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