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  1. I don’t know. I think it’s a bug that’s why you don’t see your impressions and clicks
  2. Today I change my gig title for some reason. my question how many times to takes this changes and how many time to take gig rank up and for this changes any effect on my gig
  3. Today I’m very happy about my first order on Fiverr :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you so much Fiverr and all the members of Fiverr forum because you guys really help me a lot and thank my Allah to give me this today
  4. First of all Welcome to the Fiverr forum Your Questions: How can I get more orderHow many times should I promote a weekAre impressions good for new sellersAnswer: Share your gigs on social media it’s help you to get orderI don’t understand what you are saying (How many times should I promote a week)Yes impression and click are very important to sellersI think you got the your questions answer Thank you so much Fiverr forum Regards, Likhon Ahmed
  5. Make some changes on your gig image and republish it
  6. Try to some changes on your gig Example, title, description, tags, gig images
  7. if you got an impression but don’t get any click then change your gig images If your gig doesn’t get the impression and click then make some changes on your gig Example, title, tags, description, images if you get the impression and click but don’t get any order try to active on Fiverr and share your gig on social media For more information about how to improve gig please visit the Fiverr forum and click in forum search and type what solution you need and enter and you get the thousand of the post which will based on your text
  8. Hello dear, This is quite harder to get the first order but you can follow my mentioned text it helps you to get the first order ** Share gigs on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest), etc.** ** Join your services related group and post your services in this group** ** Try to active on Fiverr minimum of 20 hours in a day** Write attractive and meaningful full buyer request and submit them on buyers request** All the mentioned text help you to get your first order on Fiverr if any question you have to feel free to reply to this message I will try to reply to your message Thanks all to read this comment Happy freelancing with Fiverr ❤️
  9. it’s not necessary to share gig in your country you can also share your gig in others country exapmle, usa or if you have gig promotion you can use it it’s highly recommended
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