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  1. I think you can contact Fiverr support for best solution.
  2. Please double check your pending clearance section. Hope you able to confirm, tax or bug?
  3. Please double check your pending clearance section.
  4. Please contact customer care. If not possible then edit your gig as per your requirement.
  5. NO! Do NOT message people out of the blue asking them to order from you. That is a good way to have your message marked as spam or have your account reported for spam and ending up being restricted or worse, banned. Do not give advice unless you have read the TOS or understand how the site works and what can get your account into hot water. GG That’s make sense. But I’m not asking for sending spam message. After my COVID-19 infection I faced same problem. I messaged my old client and informed that they can get a special discount If they order me. I described my honest status. That’s help me a lot for over coming my 82% to 90%.
  6. Hi, Hope all are doing great! I’m awesome. Anyway, How fast you get a response from support when you are a Top Rated Seller? Would you please mention the Time? How about Level 2 seller? How the difference between the TRS and Level 2 response time?(Support) Looking forward to hearing from you! Stay Safe!
  7. Please avoid future order cancellation. Knock your old client and ask for project.
  8. I say no. But If it’s need for project purpose then you can do it.
  9. No worries! You will able to contact support for a refund.
  10. Please be patient. If you still facing then please contact support.
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