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  1. as mentioned above, 1 member of support said we are looking in this and will get back on this ticket, but this another member after few hours closed the ticket without any reply. 1 person says 1 thing, another does something else, they are confused their self and made this into a joke.
  2. you are not understanding, why would i open a new ticket if they keep it open and respond back. It said clearly that they will contact me back on same ticket but some other member which is really annoying closed the ticket. Thats why i open it
  3. still this doesnt give them any reason to close ticket and ignore the messages. They have the time to read the msg and then close it but cant reply back. 1 of the member got back to me, he said they are investigating this issue and will get back to me in this ticket but this joke DREW closed that ticket for no reason. It stated clearly they will get back to me but he doesnt understand that, thats why i opened new ticket as i was expecting a response but he keeps closing them.
  4. thats very rude of them, they dont have few seconds to reply back to the query instead close it. CS were really good 2 years ago, now they have turned this into a joke. It was only 1 ticket at the start, i waited 3 days for their reply when i opened the ticket, instead of replying they close it. This is not acceptable.
  5. A single ticket is enough… there’s no need to open multiple tickets . They might consider that as being spam yes i know single is fine but what can you do if they close single ticket without any reply or decision?
  6. You are not understanding this, they asked me to give proof which i did, then straight away they closed the ticket without any response, how rude is that? then i opened again asking why did you close it when all proof is there in front of you, closed it again. This happened countless of time. I had no option other than opening a new ticket as previous one is closed and no where to add a response. I have been polite and professional but they dont give a crap. They are responsible for it if they cancel the order without any reason and then on top keep closing tickets.
  7. Hello, i want to find out if there is anyway of reporting certain member of Customer Support? its been 11 days i have been trying to contact them but they dont give a crap. Keep closing tickets, see attached screenshot. This is beyond a joke now, this person called Drew shift manager keep closing the the tickets without any reply, they have cancelled 1 order without any reason, i gave all proof that everything was delivered 100% as shown on order page but keep ignoring. WORST CS1202×556 24.5 KB
  8. You are not the only one!! i have faced same issue from past 2 years now, before that CS was really nice. Now they dont give a crap, they will keep sending you same copy paste messages. If you query is about A and B, their replies are about Y and Z, completely irrelevant, after flipping at them they reply back properly. I have got about 20 30 tickets opened, they dont bother replying for months. CS are the worst at the moment, i dont know what they get paid for!!
  9. they dont give a crap about anyone, you are not the only one, my gig with 14k+ reviews been thrown to last page for over 100 days now. Gigs with 0 reviews and orders are ahead of me, i fail to understand this messed up system.
  10. yes i already have changed everything, thats why i paused other gigs and kept main gig active and updated everything on it
  11. No doubt! I was talking about the case of the author of this topic because he mentioned pausing other gigs. From my experience, even one angry buyer can ruin my stats for several weeks. It can be clearly seen in the analytics chart. As soon as they leave the secret review, my stats fall for a dozen of days. it could be anything, i was reading this another topic regarding ID verification. This seller said he had no cancellation or bad feedback but his ranked gig went to last page straight after he verified his ID. Not sure why they doing this, how would that make you improve anything? sellers with 0 reviews and orders are above me right now
  12. They use an automated system that sends you to the end when you cross an invisible line of performance. The main disadvantage (in my opinion) is the fact that conditions are the same for sellers with 10 and 100 orders per month. If your stats are good now, everything will be back to normal very soon. I know more than a dozen users here, who managed to recover after this issue. However, those who only claim that Fiverr is wrong (I’m not talking about you) and change nothing, still getting many bad reviews or postponing orders, will be at the end of the list. This is a really harmful action because using the Out of the Office mode and pausing your gigs seriously hurts your stats. In one of the answers from CS, I was told that they don’t want to see inactive sellers and poor performing gigs: to be honest my performance was very good as all stats were 100 or 99% with 4.9 ratings. Not a single stat went in Red zone. ok its been over 70 days, i have been making sure that everything remains 100% now i have kept the main gig active, rest were not main gigs, but i will active them asap if thats what you are recommending.
  13. very unlucky mate, i have got my hands on different platform now, this place is not for a full time freelancer. No matter how many reviews you have they will still throw you to last page.
  14. their logic is that they are giving new sellers a chance, well fair enough do give them a chance but not on basis of throwing senior sellers to last page. its been over 70 days now, i dont know how long they gona bloody give new sellers a chance. I have read on Forums, even new sellers are struggling, they will give 10-20 orders at the start, then fiverr will request ID verification, then straight after that they will throw their gigs to last page. Messed up system, it was never like this about 2 years ago. Now this cant be your full time job, its very unreliable. 1 month you are on top and then next 4 months at the bottom.
  15. nope its been over 70 days now,still rotting on last page. I dont get how gigs with 0 reviews and orders are doing better than me? Messed up system
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