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  1. What do you look for in a seller?
  2. The symptoms are the worst!!! Have you recovered?
  3. Have you paid for ads? Was it worth it?
  4. Try sites like YouTube, LinkedIn and Reddit. These are just a few. You can search for others.
  5. Maybe he is experiencing problems with his account. If he does not take any action the order will be automatically completed in 3 days.
  6. Two times I almost got scammed. This is my first month!
  7. Restrictions moving around the country. Businesses have to close by 7 pm. Hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs and religious centres closed. No public gathering.
  8. Thanks. I recently encountered one asking me to write a 1000 word paper because it is part of their recruitment process. For free!!! 😮
  9. The buyer will have to mark work as completed or not. Either way Fiverr already charged them.
  10. Are you guys experiencing another wave of Corona worse than the previous ones? Is it just my
  11. People have images of text as their prof pic and they are still getting orders.
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