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  1. First you have to know that what is SEO because if your gig description is SEO friendly then in 3 days of your publishing date you have to in first page in f- verr. Then you must active 24/7 in f-iverr and send 10 buyer request in a day. I hope its helpful 😊
  2. After 7 days in gig publishing you edit it. Because when you edit gig before 7 days in gig publishing then your gig lost its rank… I hope you understand 😊
  3. Sir Please check your gig on fiverr that which page it is? If you could not find your gig then you delete your all gig and check your seo friendly keyword and publish gig again.
  4. when you send a buyer request you must focus that how do you complete the job that explain your request and add a portfolio link.
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