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  1. I used promoted gigs on a different gig but all my gigs went down at once, I don’t know the reason but avoiding promoting main gig is not a solution as per my experience
  2. This has happened to a lot of sellers including me, No solution so far!
  3. same thing happened to me! it’s been two weeks now. no improvements
  4. How did you managed to overcome your issues? Can you please share?
  5. Thank You very much for letting other people know 🙂 I have seen you helping many sellers in the forum! Hats off bro
  6. This has happened to lot of sellers, All of your gigs moves to the last page. It’s frustating but no solutions as per now
  7. Hello! what about your current gig status? were you able to recover it?
  8. Agreed! this should be a bug. same with me. anybody found a way to get over this?
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