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  1. welcome to the fiverr forum Beat of luck Thank you
  2. As far as I know, Bad review is worst for a seller account. Thank you.
  3. welcome to the Fiverr community. Hope you are doing well go ahead.
  4. Write your gig title attractive. You need to write seo friendly gig for rank. Make your gig image eye catchy. Try to be active on Fiverr. TYhank you.
  5. Fast of all Read your buyer request properly try to understand what he or she ( buyer ) want. If you can fulfill his or her ( buyer ) requirement then send him a proposal professionally. Tell him about the work and quality try to impress the buyer. Let him know you are the right person to hire. Thank you.
  6. How many time did you check your buyer request in a day? For a new seller few BR shows very short time. Try to check it out all the time and send the right BR properly. Thank you
  7. Don’t be frustrated keep working hard you will be successful on fiverr.com one day. That’s true success doesn’t come overnight. Thank you.
  8. you can also share your gig on social media and try to get engaged your post with the relevant people. you are on the right track, hope you are doing well. Thank you.
  9. Welcome to the Fiverr community Hope you are doing well Best of luck
  10. This is not a problem, most of the time new sellers don’t get br all the time. its shows for few moments. published maximum gig ( 7 ) or at least 5. Thank you.
  11. Me too but im not looking my FIRST order like this.
  12. You are welcome Do not waste your time Make your time valuable work hard and get paid. Thank you.
  13. welcome to the Fiverr.com You can be a successful freelancer if you give your best in this market place.
  14. Welcome to the Fiverr community Work hard and go ahead
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