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  1. Order completion rate be calculated depends on number of total orders and number of completed orders during 60 days period. For exact calculation you have to provide these information below How many orders you have received last 60 days.How many orders you have cancelled during this period ( if possible write cancellation date together).Though the calculation will not be constant. The result may change daily depends upon future orders as well past orders of different date. Hello, I completed 5 orders with 5 star. 6th order cancel today. Kindly share the calculations. Thanks
  2. @saju85 Does it affect my id or gig?
  3. Hello, One order cancel on mutual cancellation. its affects my completion rate to 83%. Can you please how many orders i win to make it 100%. Thanks
  4. @coderhouse109 Thanks for sharing knowledge.
  5. @lunar_graphics Yes, you can add FAQ to your gig.
  6. In Free Time I am reading books, articles related to my skills.
  7. @prabhjot_kaur21 Welcome to the Fiverr Forum. Best of Luck 👍
  8. @fahimbhai3280 No, only one account you can use on one computer.
  9. Welcome to Fiverr Forum. Best of luck
  10. Welcome to the Fiverr Forum. Best of luck 👍
  11. Hello @sheshirsd You first explore your skills and then go through the top rated gigs of your specific niche. It may help you to create gig. Thanks
  12. @sanzidaluna First you have to contact to the support team and explain all the matters that you need an email for the working purpose. Then you may be share the details
  13. Great I am also new on fiverr. It’s a great platform for the freelancers. Tips which i learned: Make all GIGS Eye Catchy Images Make SEO Based GIG Thanks
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