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  1. Welcome Ananna. Welcome to this forum 😉 Not to be slow, (and I keep reading about this…this makes about 90% of sales) but how do you do that? Thanks
  2. Ok…I’m really sorry guys…I’ve had to revamp my gig. So, my new gig is: I will create a 2d animation video or explainer video for you in 24 hours (it turns out that there isn’t much demand for 3D stuff. 2D on the other hand, not too bad…) I apologise for this mistake. Shouldv’e done this research beforehand. My bad. PS. With regards to the responses… ultimate_ps: Thanks for the welcome. Very good of you 😉 miiila: I really couldn’t agree more…😉 jdhomes8: Thanks. I appreciate it 😉
  3. Thanks…I think 😉 (I’m hoping that’s a good thing and not a bad thing…oh well;-)
  4. Warm welcome from here as well… You are offering a very in demand gig. I hope it goes well 😉 Take care
  5. Welcome…I’m so sorry that you haven’t had any messages… anyway… You are doing the right thing by introducing yourself here first. There are a lot of cool people here. Hope your gig goes well 😉
  6. Well, I will be the first to welcome you here. I hope your gig goes well. You take care 😉
  7. And to you as well… 'prreciate the wishes ☀️ -)
  8. Thanks so much…very kind words… Any feedback at all?
  9. …which is slightly embarrassing when I think about it, coz I’ve been using fiverr for years now. (And in truth, I had no idea you had a forum)… Oh well… I am trying my hand at freelancing, by producing my 2nd gig in 10 years (the first was a book on meditation…didn’t do very well (he says, looking crestfallen…)) My second is this: ‘I will create a stunning 3d animation video for you’ Anyway… I will try to contribute more towards this forum (I’ve been in enough now to know that giving value is king, and I don’t want to let anybody down) Hope this is ok. Thanks anyway. 😉
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