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  1. Fiverr takes time to build, impression doesn’t really help with orders. But if you want to get more impression… you can try using popular keywords. We suggest you to do some research on the forum maybe you’ll know more about Fiverr.
  2. Congrats on the achievement!!! 500 reviews is really impressive, and that takes a lot of effort and time. But keep it up, road to 1,000 reviews :star_struck:
  3. This does make sense considering if I were to be a buyer I would simply pass on to another gig, it’s just a mindset. So getting good ratings play a big part on the profile/gigs 🧐 Thanks for your answer!
  4. Good day to everyone, Is it true that high rating pulls the traffic (buyers) more than the level that shows above seller’s profile? Do buyers care whether it’s a bad rating or high rating? Same question about Profile Review…will the bad reviews affect Fiverr Algorithm?
  5. Thanks for the tips and advice, having a professional gig will surely stand out more 👌
  6. Warm welcome, I am new here too. Forum is a great place to learn and the Fiverr Tips section is my favorite 😉
  7. Keep up the work, your gigs are looking good 🙂
  8. I have not seen weirder stuff than this… I mean this is inappropriate. 😨
  9. 1 week is very impressive! May I ask what service are you offering on your gigs?
  10. I hope Fiverr has a way to let sellers communicate with buyers even outside the Buyer Request.
  11. Thank you for sharing your experience, it’s really great that you’re getting orders regularly. I also find the interesting part of how “buyer request” work, like chances of buyers replying your offer can be really as low and competitive because the other sellers are sending offers at the same time. So I don’t think Fiverr could ever be the primary income for most sellers.
  12. I see… sometimes it depends on the keywords that help with order but yeah being patient is really important as a seller.
  13. This is one of the most asked questions on the forum. It can vary from hours, days, years, weeks, months, or never! If you type " how long to get your first order" in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting. Thanks a lot for the trick on search bar!
  14. I would like to hear about your experience 😄
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