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  1. I’ve just filtered for logo design with Saudi Arabia as the country, and there are 468 results, so there must be some sellers from Saudi! 🙂
  2. See and this is where the water gets murky, hence the creation of so many new gigs. Other new Sellers see these gigs and dive right in. I don’t want to hear the spiel about there are too many gigs and it’s only a matter of time before they get caught. Blah! This is downright appalling. There should be a mechanism of some kind to prohibit people from creating these types gigs in the first place. It’s save ⌚ time and energy! Mark & Pablo, I’m sorry this happened to you guys. But how can a gig be against the ToS because it’s breaking Facebook (or whoever’s) ToS when they’ve got an entire category for social media shoutouts etc. and that’s what the OP’s gigs were offering?
  3. Create separate social media accounts purely to send traffic to your gigs. Follow and engage with people who may be interested in your gigs - hint - that’s probably not going to be yoor family and friends. 😉
  4. Google Adsense is completely different to Google Adwords - you’re not allowed to promote your gigs via Google Adwords. Any other paid promotion is fine.
  5. That’s a completely separate thing to buyers and sellers being in the same country, and can happen regardless of where the buyer/seller is located. When I was selling, I sold a service to a hair salon which happened to be a few miles up the road from me. Was it review buying? Of course it wasn’t - I was providing a service to somebody who happened to be close to me - nothing more. They didn’t know how close I was to them - it was just coincidence.
  6. Thank you for updating your thread. 🙂 What’s the point of this whole category then? https://www.fiverr.com/categories/online-marketing/influencer-marketing/shoutouts-promotion Sorry - I’m still really confused by this whole thing, and am sure you must be too.
  7. How would you know how close they are - only the country’s given. If I want to purchase from a UK seller it wouldn’t be a problem. If I give them a review becuase I loved their work it wouldn’t be:
  8. I think you’re asking if it’s allowed to buy/sell to somebody who’s in the same country as you? If that’s the case, then yes, it’s fine. 🙂
  9. In effect, but as a platform that is already global today, you can give a certificate, or a letter that states that you use your platform, that is, it is currently one of your means of recreating the fund. It will not be an educational certificate or an organization that employs you, but a letter by way of reference such as: “Through this act, we refer to Woofy31 as one of our platform users, seller of X services for X years”. It is an official reinforcement and is a verifiable platform, it would count as an endorsement outside the words because whoever asks you for a way to verify your trade, can not call or sign each client. That’s what I mean. A very useful option for such cases because as I explain, you and I know what we are, but certain governmental entities (for example). Don’t think it would work I’m afraid. A certificate for ‘I sold a few bits on ebay’ would be as about as much use as anything Fiverr or any other platform could offer. Sellers aren’t employed by Fiverr so there’s no sort of link which could be officially proven I’m afraid.
  10. I have no idea what that is - why not post a track? 🙂
  11. Anybody who has a Fiverr account can post. The entire world can read. ☀️
  12. I don’t need permission from the seller to order anything from any other website, why should it be different here? How buyer cancellations are being handled is the real problem. 😉
  13. Fiverr knows this bug? Should the seller always report to CS whenever there is a new review? will this become normal by itself without reporting? This started to be terrible for me because some buyers were not active in communicating and revising, which would cause a decrease in the level of the seller. And what happens if the seller gives a bad rating to the buyer? Yes they know about it - it might be worth reporting it if you get a 4.7 or 4.3 but your buyer leaves a really positive review, ‘I meant to give you 5 stars’ etc. Not saying they’ll do anything about it mind - the reduced rating stays on your stats whether it was incorrect or not. Is it worth it really? 😉
  14. See if you can find out what it was that caused it, because I can’t see the point in having that whole category if your gigs get pulled or you get demoted by providing a service which seems to be exactly what should be in that category. I hope you can get it sorted - it may just have been somebody having a bad day? ☀️
  15. If they were then I don’t understand why there’s a whole section for ‘Shoutouts & Promotion’ where you can choose the social network you’d like your promotion to be on: https://www.fiverr.com/categories/online-marketing/influencer-marketing/shoutouts-promotion?source=category_filters also: Seems a perfect gig to have in just the right category. Why not ask CS how it broke third party ToS? It seems pointless having a SM promotions section if every gig in it gets removed for 3rd party ToS violations. Added - just remembered - I posted this a while ago:
  16. If they were then I don’t understand why there’s a whole section for ‘Shoutouts & Promotion’ where you can choose the social network you’d like your promotion to be on: https://www.fiverr.com/categories/online-marketing/influencer-marketing/shoutouts-promotion?source=category_filters also:
  17. Did your buyer use the app to leave their rating? If so it may explain the first lot of 4 stars rather than 5. CS are aware of this problem, but it might be worth letting them know it’s happened to you as well. Added - and this bit as well.
  18. Indeed they should. If it’s any consolation, any seller who tries this particular type of fakery will encounter difficulties when they try to withdraw their earnings, using mobile phone verification. The verification code will be sent to their number using the UK international code of 44. If they’re not actually in the UK, they won’t be able to withdraw their funds as they won’t receive the code. ☀️
  19. You can promote your gig with paid advertising anywhere you like, except Google Adwords, so paid FB ads etc. are fine.
  20. That would disable all portfolio entries, not just the one the buyer wants removed, which would be a bit unfair for the OP as I`m sure they want the rest to remain visible.
  21. I think the only way you can do it is to get the buyer to contact CS and ask them to do it - neither you nor the buyer are able to do it yourself. ☀️ Added - thanks for moving it to a better category @lloydsolutions! 🙂
  22. Until you can get your percentage back to over 90% you won’t see any buyer requests I’m afraid, so you won’t be able to reply to them as you can’t actually see them. 😦
  23. I think it’s different if you’re buying and not selling? ☀️
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