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  1. I guess to avoid a follow-up before auto complete. Include the supposed follow-up message upon delivery about wanting anything revised. So it would also count as the last message they would have seen that you indeed were open to revisions. I agree! Fantastic idea- best of both worlds.
  2. Sometimes people are only a little bit unhappy. Not enough to make them ask for an actual revision-just enough to make them drop contact. I agree that pestering the buyer is not good- and that inquiring about the job may open up revision requests that may not have happened. It’s a 50/50 call I suppose because they could end up either annoyed by the follow up or much happier with the service in the end- and you could end up with a repeat client. Annoyed is worse though 😊 So I’ll stick with radio silence 👍
  3. I come from a long history in customer service- and a check in under these circumstances would have always been best practice in all my past experiences. Fiverr may be a more “detached” customer service model though- so I was wondering what the best way was:)
  4. Hi all:) Everyone has orders that auto complete with no word from the buyer. The buyers reasons for letting an order automatically complete can be varied- but I wondered if anyone routinely checks in with the buyer a day beforehand - just in case they really wanted something revised, but didn’t say anything. Any thoughts on this?
  5. @mjensen415 Definitely interested!
  6. Maybe voice over how to lessons?Techniques? Purpose category could be the same as regular voiceover but with the added how to edit vo how to master vo how to add background music to vo. Even deeper- how to de-ess how to remove plosives
  7. What about if you get a sketchy/unresponsive buyer and you look at their one seller review (which was vague) and wonder how that seller dealt with them? I had one come up a while back. I plowed through and made it to the end but it would have been encouraging if I could confirm with the prior seller that buyer was legitimate-only just difficult. But that would probably lead to an abuse of that too I suppose. Would have been nice though:)
  8. Nice! Well it looked great and was very clear!
  9. I’m in the test bunch for the new gallery tags. The webinar on it was interesting- it seems they are giving us the option of condensing our gigs by tagging our variations. Kind of how search works on Amazon. The example they gave was on an illustration gig. They showed one illustration gig with up to 3 variations (animal/human/etc) with separate tags for each variation. Then, when buyer is searching for “animal illustration” the gig image that is tagged with that will show for the buyer as the main image. And the different gig image tagged with “human illustration” will show to a different buyer— but all from the same gig. It’s kinda exciting! 😊
  10. @mjensen415 Interesting! How is this different from the other relatively new catagory “audio ads” ?
  11. Correlation ≠ Causation. But people will try to find trends in virtually anything. I’ve been pretty darn active on the forum for approaching 2/3rds of a year, and in all that time with all those posts and all that interaction, I received a grand total of one order from someone who knew me from the forum. And from reading other sellers who’ve been on the forum longer than I have, that’s entirely typical. I haven’t either- just have had buyer messages come in inquiring about orders when I’m active- like with the forum page open on my phone. Not every time…but like I said- enough to notice and wonder if there is a connection. However- I can take all your words for it that there is none :tipping_hand_woman:
  12. I understand this perspective- also consider the possibility that new sellers may be noticing a connection between posting and then instantly receiving messages and that could also be a reason it persists. No idea- :bowing_woman:
  13. It is not really one platform. The forum is run on the Discourse forum software. Hence, what you post here will have no direct impact on your Fiverr gig rank/placement and things like that. My original post is targeted at sellers who post here just to post something. They think that they need to post a certain number of times a day (no matter what they post) and heart thirty posts per day, and they will then magically get orders. Those are the ones I am targeting. There are a lot of useless posts that flood the forum because of this. This is what I and several other long-time users of the forum here have noticed and recognize. Yes, it is possible to get buyers by someone noticing that you post useful things. It will not happen if you post random things. And if it does happen, it happens very rarely, as seen in @mariashtelle1’s poll: I agree that this is likely not how it works.
  14. Anything is possible- and like I said- it could be complete coincidence. But the fact remains that it happens often enough for me to notice. And why are so many users SO invested in it NOT being true? Why wouldn’t it be connected? Its all one platform.
  15. I definitely “hear you” about repeated advice- repeating oneself can be annoying. And it’s definitely best to search the forum for a thread to find a possible answer to questions that come up. However- when some issues are searched- an answer from 2016-2019 comes up. With so many algorithm and TOS changes that seem to have occurred over the years- those old answers may not satisfy some searchers. In general- when I search for an answer to something on google, I disregard anything over a year or 2 old as outdated info- and I search for something from the current year. The same thing could be happening in the forum. Also- incorrect info is being “echoed” over and over as well- from people who seem quite confident echoing their incorrect info. So searchers may be looking for newer updated answers. For instance- according to current TOS- incomplete orders CAN be cancelled after 1 week with no adverse effects. But when I searched this topic- there was repeat after repeat that they DO adversely affect your cancellation rate. This may be old info and the way it used to be- but it’s not that way currently. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010108157-What-does-my-order-status-mean New sellers like myself may be trying to find the “latest and greatest” info so just ignore us if you’ve seen the question asked and answered. Or-if your feeling industrious- I’ve seen some awesome users link the help page to the correct answers. This helps the current questioner and many future questioners to come. The BEST thing would be for a giant search bar of the Fiverr help page to be at the top of the forum home page.
  16. Where’s that? I’d love to check it out to see things from their perspective. I don’t know if it’s coincidence- but I think that may be true for me as well. But I have absolutely no proof! …and I could be mistaken!!😆 Maybe established sellers have so many orders they don’t see a pattern? As a new seller the jobs are sparse and so I can notice more? I don’t know- but I’ve been noticing a connection between writing on this forum and messages in my box since I started in April- and I’ve wanted to comment about it on this thread for a while now. It maybe has nothing to do with a fiverr algorithm but is simply due to visibility and curiosity? I think ❤️‘s and “thanks for posting” comments do not make a difference however.
  17. Has anyone had a positive outcome after providing a sample?
  18. I hear ya. It’s always a lingering question as to whether the samples are being used honestly. Have you ever watermarked?
  19. Hey all?‍♀️ Just curious how people feel about giving samples to buyers. Do you provide samples to buyers if they ask for them? YesNo0voters
  20. Yes- this is an issue- and not just on Fiverr. VO sellers need to be careful and if they choose to send a sample-only send 10-15 seconds to show quality/tone without giving away work.
  21. I would love that too:)! But unfortunately it’s not the reality?
  22. And, it shouldn’t be a sample of “their” scripts. If they want to know how your voice sounds, and you have samples of such on your Gig, then, that should be enough to know what your voice sounds like. Maybe that is why Fiverr does not make it easy for you to send samples. You should charge a minimal fee for your time and efforts to recite part of their “script” - $5. GG It’s actually quite customary in the VO world to ask for a short sample. Each script has its own vibe- and a buyer may want to be sure the VO seller can capture it. I don’t mind this- Demos can be produced beautifully too and the buyer could possibly want to be sure of quality as well, And we can easily send an audio file in messages. Just not BR.
  23. A lot of buyers are asking for a few lines of their scripts as samples before hiring. This is reasonable since a demo can only tell a buyer so much as far as how the finished VO will sound. If they message you with this ask - a VO seller can easily send a file through messages. BUT THERE IS NO WAY TO ADD AN AUDITION FILE TO A “BUYER REQUEST” Not in mobile or desktop, A VO seller has to make the sample- upload it to SoundCloud or YouTube- THEN copy and paste the link back into the BR. AND- a VO seller has to be sure to make a new SoundCloud account with their Fiverr username - otherwise the file links have the actual name on them. This was brought up in a FB group and it didn’t dawn on me what an issue it was until recently. In the past when buyers have asked for samples in the BR I have just asked them to please check out my gig, But my gig is not a sample of their scripts- and many BR opportunities may have been lost because of this. So I’ve now opened a new SoundCloud account (with Fiverr username) so that I can provide short samples. Which seems silly- and wastes a lot of time. Hopefully Fiverr will add capability to attach a file to a BR someday 😊
  24. Even if you only place one audio demo per gig- that audio can now have tags to bring you more 👁️
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