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  1. I have a buyer who wants to do zoom meeting in order to elaborate work to me. I am a video editor on fiverr and have done some Zoom meeting with Business buyer and VID buyers through fiverr video chat tool But I am not sure what to do in this case as the buyer is not VID and also he said he already ordered through fiverr so there is no reason for fiverr to not aloow us to do that since he already paid for the order. What should I do?
  2. I will never do this again actually i messaged her and then i thought is it really legal or not and then i posted the question I will remember your advice and do accordingly I have more than 190 sales so it should not matter to me
  3. now I already messaged the client with this Message "If you find time kindly rate and review the order as well Thanks" Should I Inform the Fiverr support that i didn't knew about this or I just leave it to my Luck?
  4. Thanks a lot this really helps us to understand what the client thinks about this Thanks a lot Vibronx
  5. Thanks SHADIYA I didn't knew this. I think i read somewhere on forums that this is not against TOS coz we are not asking them to leave good review we are just asking to review thats why i thought to ask on forums
  6. My client only accepted the delivery without giving any feedback. Is it ok if I message the client "Kindly rate and review the order as well when you find time. Thanks for your order" or is it against Fiverr rules and I might get warning for this?
  7. Thanks I will then ask fiverr support about my situation and let see what happens otherwise I have to buy a new laptop Smartphone and seperate Wifi as well
  8. I am working for a seller on fiver, he is a friend of mine and his account is logged into both my computer and my Phone and now I want to make my own account and the work will be same as I do video editing for him as well. Now the question is, Will there be problem for me if I make and log into my new account on my computer and my phone and delete his account from my devices? Also I will be staying in the same office using same internet as before.
  9. Hey There! i joined fiverr 3 months ago and i got a great response and now Alhamdulillah my gig is on the first page of fiverr video editing services. But i am in a little trouble. Some one told me that if my conversion rate is less than 5% then my fiverr gig will slowly start falling and will lose all his strength. So as my gig is one the first page i get messages from 5 to 8 clients daily but i choose non of them. I work with only 4 clients in a week. as my i am also a college student so i cant work to much. So due to this my conversion rate is 0.17%. can anyone guide me that should i worry about this or is it okey to not consider conversion rate to much. Thanks And also i am willing to make friend from all over the world to share my ideas and to get some from them.
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