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  1. If I don't receive an order in 60 days, will it be 100%?
  2. It was my first 88%. But day by day it has to decrease. For this my gig is slowly moving to the next page. What should I do now? Is there no way to fix it? My impression clicks have decreased for this. . I don't get any other client's knock.
  3. What is the best thing about WordPress? There will be a lot of work to be easy to learn. . Another issue is which tags can be used to make a gig of WordPress customization?
  4. zz1228×306 22.9 KB What does this mean? work sample status updated.
  5. Welcome to fiverr and fiverr forum.😌
  6. You give your profile link. Here you need to give gig link. Not profile.
  7. If I am active in Fiverr’s forum. So will Fiverr show me active too?
  8. Welcome to fiverr. learn more about fiverr and lead a great life.
  9. You can’t delete your review. the review is given on your gig but it is counted in your profile. So even you delete your gig, your profile will remain the review.
  10. Thank you. But my buyer requests are out of my skill. So what can i do now?
  11. I published my gig. But I haven’t got any work yet. I am a frontend web designer. How do I raise my gig at the rank? And if anyone could help get the job done. It would be great.
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