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  1. Yes, zoom call. I think fiver allows this for bussiness and VID accounts. I have not worked with him, and the new account is created by him as well. It's a big order so the stakes are high for me as well, I guess I have to think it out a bit more.
  2. One of my buyer with fiverr business badge, had me in a call and asked if I could take the order from a new account so he could save some money (since it's a big order for him). I initially said yas, but thought it be wise to run it through you guys just to be sure.
  3. i thought of that, but seems harsh since he requested to wait in chat, on top of that, I heard CS is notorious to side with buyers almost all the time.
  4. i think i used the wrong wording here, he put it in revision, so the order won’t be completed
  5. I got a project offer that I’m 100% sure is a system intended to scam people. I don’t want to do it for ethical reasons of course, but how can I go on to report this to the right people? I’m aware of the report button in the chat, but the project itself probably doesn’t violate any terms and policy. Should I just deny and move on or is there something else I can do?
  6. The buyer is busy so he will take, say about a week or more until he checks and accepts the order. I don’t have any issue with that but will Fiverr take this negatively since my work is delaying? That big red ##Late## banner makes it intimidating.
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