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  1. Welcome to the Fiverr forum. You will get lots of articles in this forum. Search for it and you will get lots of valuable articles which might help you. as a newbie, You have to be decently active on Fiverr also doing marketing of your gig is key on various social media to get exposure to your gigs. you can improve your communication skills if you have any language problems. I mean fix every little problem you have until you get your 2nd order. don’t forget to read the Fiverr TOS. This is very important. I noticed many new sellers even the veteran sellers as well get banned without knowing the Fiverr Systems, Rules, and regulations. Best Of Luck.
  2. Really will be an awesome platform
  3. Welcome I am a also a new member in fiverr. Best wishes ].
  4. nice answer. This is helpful for us. Thanks
  5. Did you notice that the seller you are praising has been criticized for his advice and his post grayed out? oh! no. I can’t notice that.
  6. You can change your gig image or anything. But its affect your gig ranking. When your gig publish within 24 hours you can change anything of gig, its not a effected I think.
  7. You have to make a good proposal & continuously buyers request sent.
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