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  1. Yes I was level one. One order I was actually late on, but it was a bigger project than anticipated and I realized I only quoted for 2 items when she was asking for 3. So I asked for additional days to turn in her materials, but I asked for the extension after the order was already marked late. So even though the delivery date was updated, the order was counted as late. That one I understood why it counted against me… The order where I delivered and redelivered multiple times was counted as late (unfairly in my opinion) and resulted in my demotion from level 1 😦 guess I’ll just have to get back to level one after another evaluation period…
  2. It’s a very specific set of circumstances that cause this bug, so I’m sure the other contributors in the thread are trying to help you, it’s just possible that they’ve not come across this yet. We have, so have real-world experience of this happening. It depends. Let’s say that you submit your order on Monday (Day 0), just as the order countdown clock is coming to an end. Then let’s say the client requests a revision on Wednesday (Day -2). If you created a gig extra with a delivery time of 1 day, you’d deliver 1 day late (Day -1). So, you’d have to submit a Gig Extra with a delivery time of 3 days. 2 days to get the clock back to 0, and 1 day to allow you to work. Make sense? It’s MADNESS. And super frustrating, and we’ve argued this one out with Fiverr Customer Support before too. You essentially have to explain to your client that you need to request a gig extra for 3 days, even though it’s only going to take you 1 day to do the work. Omg that’s super madness!! But thanks so much for taking the time to explain it to me so I can avoid this very specific set of circumstances in the future! I feel validated to know someone else has experienced this unfairness… and thanks for sharing your work-around with me. -----‐---------- Here’s my more recent correspondence with CS. “Nick, I am providing screenshots again to show you how my initial delivery for order FO37DB892041 was not late. Please note how the order was placed on 20:09 2/11/21. My initial delivery was made at 17:07 on 2/13/21. Correct me if I’m wrong but 17:07 is 3 hours and 2 minutes before the deadline. You’ve stipulated that the initial delivery had to be made before the deadline to not be considered late. Yet during this order, I delivered before the deadline and re-delivered a few more times before the deadline based on revision requests by the buyer. I then took her to the resolution center to charge her for an additional revision. The fourth and FINAL delivery made on this order came at 21:31. This was the delivery which was accepted by the buyer but by no means was this my initial delivery for this order. As stated above, the initial delivery was made at 17:07 on 2/13/21. Please explain why this delivery made at 17:07 did not keep my order from being considered late. If you can not help me or give me an answer please put me in contact with someone who can.” Nick is adamant that my initial delivery was made at 21:31, but that wasn’t my initial delivery for the order, it was my 4th delivery. PhotoGrid_16160694497821080×1080 132 KBAnd here’s a breakdown for those who are still confused. Order placed at 20:09 on 2/11/21 Initial Delivery made at 17:07 2/13/21 Revision Request #1 made at 17:24 Redelivery #1 made at 17:54 (Then I saw that the buyer added additional notes for her revisions) Redelivery #2 made at 18:14 Then she sent more notes after that and I stated that I would have to charge for additional revisions. Sent an offer through the Resolution Center at 20:24. Set additional time needed to 0 days (probably what triggered the bug and made the whole order late.) Resolution accepted by buyer at 20:50 Fiverr now warns me that the order is late. Final delivery (Redelivery #3) made at 21:31
  3. This is standard. I’m not saying it’s OK, but it’s also not a bug, it’s a limitation of the Fiverr system. You can choose Zero revisions, and a buyer can still request a revision. Fiverr will say this is because they can’t force a buyer to accept work. I don’t see this ever changing. I genuinely believe this is what caused the issue, and it’s definitely a bug. How many days did you add on to the resolution? You have to add enough days to cover both the time since the order timer reached zero, AND some time to allow you to work. For example, if the order countdown clock is showing as -1 day, and you set a resolution with a timer of 1 day, you’ll be late immediately. You’d have to say 2 days, 1 day to cover the lost day, and another day to cover the extra day you require to complete the work. It’s a bug, and one that Fiverr have been made aware of countless times over the years. The only solution is the workaround I just mentioned. Thank you! You’re the only one who’s answered my question. When she got to the fourth revision, again it was a photo swap or something small, so I believe I put no additional time needed. Becauae I just wanted her to pay the add-on fee and once that was taken care of, I would redeliver immediately… So to clarify, if I had added 1 day for the add-on it wouldn’t have counted against me? But what if I took her to the resolution center, added a full day to the project, but she didn’t accept before the timer ran out. I’ve run into that issue too, where they don’t accept before the timer so the extension is kind of null in void. Because the initial deadline was missed. That happened to me two weekends ago. Got an extension for a project but the offer to extend wasn’t accepted before the timer ran up.
  4. And you don’t understand my issue. It’s not that the timer says Late. It can say late all day. Almost all my orders do… but this one counted against me and it seems like a bug in my opinion. Because even if the timer runs down while I’m revising other orders it has never counted against me until this one particular order.
  5. Not true because I did that with another order, got a two day extension, and even though the full project had a new delivery time, the initial delivery was not on time and therefore late. Fine, i can accept that one. Should have gotten the extension before the timer ran out. I totally get that one, no complaints here. My issue is the one that everyone keeps saying my initial delivery was late and that’s why it counted against me. But it was not late. I have proof. It was only in revision, which everyone keeps saying revisions don’t impede your on-time record but in THIS instance it did and I would like an answer as to why.
  6. That is not a bug. Even with no revisions offered on a gig, buyers can submit revision requests endlessly. As for whether the revision requests are legitimate or not are an entirely different matter. And should i just press my luck and not redeliver when prompted to do so? Do I let the timer count down and run into a similar issue that I’m facing now? Idk what you’re suggesting I do here…
  7. The buyer submitted the revisions officially, meaning at the top of the order it would say “Redeliver your order to avoid cancelation.” And the fiverr initerface would say, “such and such requested a new revision, take a look at the notes.” And she was able to do this 3 times in rapid succession after each time I redelivered with her changes made. And I know for a fact, the gig has limited revisions. I think it had 1 revision included, but she was able to submit 3. When she attempted a 4th revision I took her to the resolution center to charge her the add-on fee for an additional revision. Before she accepted the additional fee, that’s when the timer ran down and Fiverr marked it as late, and followed up with alerts and emails.
  8. But I have time stamps of all the interactions… including when the order was made and the initial delivery. So CS can’t be wrong? This site is 100% bug free? I just listed another instance earlier where I purposely limit or offer no revisions for certain orders, yet customers have been able to submit revisions. I just feel like this order counted against me when it shouldn’t and I’m being punished for it with no clear explanation, not even from CS. If someone can point me in another direction other than Fiverr’s zendesk ticketing system. Because the CS agent I had would not answer my specific questions, even with screenshots and time stamps showing that my initial delivery was not late. Is there another way I can talk to Fiverr support and get some real help?
  9. So I’ve had instances where buyers may request changes after the initial delivery, sometimes even a day or two later. The timer interface says “##:LATE:##” but it doesn’t count against me. My issue is this particular order did count against me and I would like a clear explanation of why, especially when it was delivered and redelivered several times before the deadline. No one has given me an answer. The initial delivery was NOT late. But because I didn’t re-deliver the 4th time before the timer ran out, it was late? Please explain…
  10. The original order was placed after 20:00 hrs 2 days before. My initial delivery was made at 17:07 hrs on the day it was due. How is that late? It’s 3 hours before and the timer kept resuming every time she would submit a new request. Also, Nick sited this specific order as contributing to my demotion. Yet it was turned in 3 hours before the deadline and the timer was still active after every request.
  11. [Edit: removed screenshot to protect buyer Identity] Here is my first of 3 deliveries before the timer ran down. While I was trying to resolve the issue with the buyer (charge her for the 4th revision) my order was marked late.
  12. I’m pretty sure I have revisions limits listed on my Gigs, and additional revisions are an “add-on.” But I’ve noticed that buyers somehow get around this (idk if it’s a bug or something). For example I had a project over the weekend where the buyer was able to request 2 revisions, where I didn’t offer any revisions on this custom order to begin with. The whole point of the custom order was to revise a previously closed order because she wanted some “small changes.” Charged her a one -time fee for these small changes. Made sure the number of revisions was set to 0 before I submitted the custom offer, yet she was able to officially request 2 revisions on the order! I try to be nice but after that second revision I told her if you have any more requests you’ll need to message me in my inbox and we’ll resolve it there (maybe with an additional charge.)
  13. I was considered “Late” on an order despite me turing it in 3 hours before the initial deadline. The seller kept submitting additional revision requests in rapid succession. Once she got to her 4th revision request, I had to tell her I would need to charge for additional revisions and I had to kindly ask her to be specific and succinct with her requests so I didn’t have to constantly keep revising and redelivering the file. [Please submit all revisions at one time, take your time to review the full project before submitting one thing to change then a few minutes later send another change… etc.] When it got to the fourth revision request and while we were waiting to resolve the issue [charging more for additional revisions], the timer for the Gig ran up and my order was considered late. Please keep in mind I turned the project in, fully 3 times, before the 4th revision request came in. I’ve been talking to Nick with Fiverr support on an open ticket and he says the initial delivery was late. But I have screenshots showing that I turned this delivery in on time and redelivered it 2 more times before it was marked “late” (due to me not starting this customer’s 4th request for revisions, before payment was resolved). Nick has yet to answer my questions. My issue is, I turned this project in before it was due. It was 3 hours before the deadline. This customer requested so many revisions in that short amount of time. After the 3rd revision, I felt the need to charge her and reiterate that she should submit ALL revision requests at one time to streamline the process for both buyer and seller and not submit each small change as a separate revisions. During the resolution period, the timer was still ticking down and considered my project as late because I had not yet re-delivered the project a 4th time. (I have several screenshots showing the entire scenario, but the forum is only allowing me to upload one at this time) [Edit: removing screenshot to protect buyer identity, thanks for the heads up!]
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