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  1. Hello my friends, I was a level 1 seller and Today I got this warning and now I am not able to found my gig what can I do?
  2. I need to change description and Tags… Can I do?
  3. My gig is Ranking but I need some changes on my gig can I edit my gig ? I have two pending order also I will got those review tomorrow
  4. Bro my gig is Ranking If I edit my gig and then took 1/2 order from my old client my gig will rank again?
  5. No one can promise you if your gig will be deranked or not. It might it might not. However are you ready just to sit on a gig that doesn’t bring you sales at all even if it’s on the first page? How long do you think fiverr will show/rank your gig if it doesn’t generate sales? It’s up to you what you will choose to do If I edit my gig and then took 1/2 order with 5 star from old client then fiver will rank me??
  6. My price is quite low then other getting click now my taught is description … now If I edit my gig it will derank so what to do?
  7. I already did 👇 I’ll copy paste it Yes I understood you but for this I have to edit my gig and that will de rank my gig so if I go any order In future after editing my gig will rank or not?
  8. He is lieing to you. Fiverr has no bug for order issue
  9. I got 156 click but no single massage also what I can do please suggest me
  10. Hello, Can anyone please suggest me I got 5k impression in 7 day and no order just click my avarage click on a gig in a single day is 15+ but not getting order what I can do my gig is ranking on top so please tell me if you suggest me to edit the gig how can I rank again?
  11. From my suggestion chabger your description and thumbnail. but it will cause you deranked so make it wisely
  12. Please tell me can I rank without Review But very good Seo //// or I can rank with low seo also if I have review
  13. Which one is more important proper seo or review? Can i rank on 1st page with topclass seo?
  14. You have already got a review and your recent delivery was 13 days ago! It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business. Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! thank you for your great words
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