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  1. how is this possible man ? stay active in fiverr 24 hour ? how ? please stop violation stop giving wrong information to new seller who want help from us a person has basic sleep cycle then how you told him/her to stay active in fiverr 24 hours? please explain !!!
  2. yeah i understand thank you 😀
  3. recently I saw many people exchange their gig favorite.is this really work for ranking gigs? or something?
  4. First of all you need to use your targeted keyword then written your description SEO friendly which is most important then all other factors. If you need to marketing your gig then use social media platform like Facebook Twitter linkedin Pinterest Instagram YouTube etc Remember one things most important things is you gig quality and SEO friendly keyword density 😀
  5. welcome to fiverr community. stay with hardwork hope you will get success as soon as possible. sent buyer request ,try to active as you can, do social media marketing 😀
  6. sent daily quality full buyer request and I hope this will help you to understand how actually write a buyer request
  7. you need to follow fiverr seo factor like you need to use your keyword in your description. use optimize image if you use video then it will be better then photo. sent quality buyer request.
  8. welcome to fiverr community. hope you are doing well at fiverr. I will suggest you that keep active, be kind to fiverr community. read properly fiverr terms and condition which will help you in future. stay happy stay safe. happy freelancing :cowboy_hat_face:
  9. Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well and safe. I am new to the fiverr family.i’m a student of CSC department.i want to be a full stack web developer now I’m giving service based on wordpress and e-commerce website by using most popular Wordpress CMS. people said that Fiverr always gives a opportunity for a newbie. Happy to be a part of a new family 🙂
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