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  1. Awful looking one. But they probably do not consider our opinions either way
  2. Haha, me too. Am @ 90% on one of my stats. Hoping there is no negative shifts during the next few hours
  3. I’m 90% delivery. Got demoted last time. Praying that there is no negative change in my stats for the next 24 hours. Level 1 is hell
  4. Just went on vacation today (18th December), gotta catch a break sometimes
  5. I’d prefer as is currently, no need for side-way dashboards
  6. Keep delivering high quality work, in a timely manner and always ask for reviews from your seller. Good luck
  7. hehee Fiverr done changed the rules again
  8. This is Same for other Countries too, Kenya for my case. I found the Bank Transfer to be rather expensive, for about $56 i withdrew , on top of the $3 fiverr withdrawal , a further $13 was mysteriously withdraw , so i ended up with around $40 in my local account Compared to Paypal, for $56, I would have ended up with about $53 in my local bank account Obviously Payoneer is extremely expensive and I will never use it again , in fact am looking for a way to disable it on my account (Customer support said to talk to Payoneer about this) For Sellers, my advice would be to stick to PayPal because of the low transaction charges and transparency
  9. Reply to @sunshy1: Thank you very much, wise words, will sure help me out
  10. i’d lyk to start saving too. any tips or hacks on how you do it ? thanks
  11. i’d lyk to start saving too. any tips or hacks on how you do it ? thanks
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