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  1. Hi as i am also a new seller i am sharing my thoughts only I think there are few key points that you should Try new seller 1. You can ask for sample work before starting the order If the seller is really enthusiast towards getting work then he will start your work right away 2. If the new seller is really good at what he do then he will try to complete your work on Time & Even he will try to complete the work before deadline 3. If the seller is enthusiast towards his work quality then he will do everything to make his trust towards buyer for his work quality & to get more & more work 4 You can Get your work completed in low cost Most of the time with quality if you find good seller Note: these things only apply if the buyer will find a really good quality work provider new seller so long story is short ❓ The question here is how to find a Good New seller ❓ 📢 I think you can ask for quick sample work & according to that you can judge his skills & you can hire a new seller ............. Please share your thought if what i think is wrong
  2. Hi Id like to connect with you

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      Yes please 

  3. Is that True If i get more Number of Fiverr forum Badges Or you can say if i increase my forum Profile Rank Then it will increase my chance to getting a order as a new seller...?
  4. hi jonbaas..... so are you suggesting me to advertise my fiverr profile through YouTube or Facebook ads to get my target customers.... or you mean i should i try other way ..
  5. Actually ( in Lighter Note ) if you really ask me what i want then i well say just Give me an Order ahahhaha But yes I mean i had read so many comments about sharing Gig links in social media & Other Tips & yes i tried even but its not working for me even i have portfolios I tried to post my gigs in my fiverr gigs as well as most of the new & old sellers are posting their gigs link But even thats is also not working so.... Long story in short please share your thoughts about how can i get a Order 🙂
  6. Thank you for the information i just removed the Link But yes i tried & I did posted so many other posts on gig category called my fiverr gig with my gig link even then its not working can you please assist me in which category i should add my links or portfolio links
  7. Hi Guys its been a year no tips are working for me still didn't get any order 😞
  8. Thank you so much for sharing the details I am new seller it will help me thank u thank you so much!!!
  9. Hi Just suppose what will happen if in case The buyer will not inform you that this work is related to university project or something similar … is that in that case also going to Break the fiverr TOS …?
  10. Its a Great Piece of Advice Thank you So much 🙂
  11. Ok I will keep your advice Thank you so much to all for helping
  12. Hi I am New seller in Fiverr Want some suggestion from experienced Sellers How To get The Order its been 1 Month Still No Order. Please check my work samples is that ok to get the Order …? Convert your real image into modern vector illustration by Tridharatech | Fiverr
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